Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s live coverage of Warrior Wrestling 6, streaming live on the High Spots Wrestling network. Today’s event takes place at the Marian Catholic High School in Chicago Illinois, and features our very own Nick Hausman on commentary. Feel free to follow along, and sound off in the comments below.

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The Warrior Wrestling intro song and video is played, which shows off highlights throughout the promotion’s history. After

Rich Bocchini and Nick Hausman welcome us to the show. Templario makes his way to the ring for our opening Lucha Libre contest. Soberano Jr. is out next, and this one is underway.

Soberano Jr. versus Templario

They shake hands before they tie-up. Both men trade waistlocks…Soberano takes Templario down with a headscissor. Templario responds with an arm-drag. Pace picks up…constant counters and takedowns. Double-dropkick and staredown. Reset. Soberano uses the ropes to hit an arm-drag, which sends Templario to ringside. Tope attempt…Templario catches Soberano and powerbombs him off the apron. Back in the ring…Templario nails a pop-up kick…Soberano counters a maneuver off the ropes and retakes control with a code red. Crowd hot for this opener. Superkick by Templario. He climbs…missile dropkick connects. Soberano rolls to the outside…Templario keeps the pressure on with a cartwheel plancha! He gets Soberano back inside and climbs to the top again…Soberano crotch drops him. Enziguri by Soberano. He gets a running star…top rope frankensteiner for a nearfall. Both men down.

Soberano sends Templario to ringside again, then follows up with a fosbury flop. Loud lucha chants from the Chicago crowd. Soberano to the top…he gets the crowd pumped…tornado crossbody lands! Cover…only two. Soberano tries another code red…this time Templario muscles Soberano over and puts a knee in his face. Soberano quickly recovers and gets to the top again…flying fameasser. Templario gets a shoulder up. Back and forth corner lariats…Soberano wins the exchange with a corner dropkick. His leg is bothering him…he attempts another top rope frankensteiner but Templario turns it into a sit-out powerbomb. Another two count. Templario trapped in the ropes…moonsault from the top by Soberano. Templario answers with another pop-up powerbomb…Soberano refuses to stay down. He picks up the win with a series of piledrivers.

Soberano Jr. wins by pinfall

Post match Templario and Soberano Jr. share a hug. Before they can leave Chicago’s own Gringo Loco makes his way to the ring. Crowd gives him a nice ovation. He gets on the microphone and tells the fans to give another round of applause to two of CMLL’s finest. He blindly attacks both men with their backs turned. Sam Adonis runs out to confront Loco but ends up joining in on the beatdown of Soberano Jr. and Templario. Loco even uses a steel chair. Adonis picks up the microphone and berates Warrior Wrestling for bringing in foreign stars when he and Loco have sold tickets all over the world. He takes a shot at the city of Chicago…Brian Pillman Jr. and Wardlow interrupt to run Adonis and Loco off. Pillman Jr. screams at Loco that he should be ashamed for wearing the American Flag colors. Soberano Jr. then curses Loco and Adonis before finally exiting.

Ring announcer tells us that these four men are about to clash. After introductions, we are ready to go.

Brian Pillman Jr./Wardlow versus Sam Adonis/Gringo Loco

Pillman Jr and Adonis begin. Shove back and forth. Adonis says he wants Wardlow. Pillman tags him in. Adonis plays tough but then tags in Loco. Loco connects with a spin kick. It has little effect. Wardlow shows off his athleticism…then rocks Loco with a shoulder bump. Leg kick from Loco…he flips to the corner…Wardlow charges him to hit a stinger splash. Superkick and back suplex in succession by Wardlow. Loco quickly flees to his corner to tag back in Adonis. Adonis bravely comes in and nails a few right hands…Wardlow retakes control…Pillman comes in with a dropkick. Fight spills to the outside, where Adonis sends Pillman into the steel barricade. Pillman responds with some stiff chops before Adonis sends him back to the inside. Double chop by Adonis, followed by a hard Irish Whip. Pillman shakes it off…Michinoku driver for a nearfall.

Double-vertical suplex from Pillman and Wardlow onto Adonis. Wardlow goes for the cover…Adonis escapes. Quick tags from Pillman and Wardlow keep Adonis grounded. Adonis manages to tag in Loco…tandem offense onto Pillman. Basement dropkick by Loco. He picks Pillman up…snap-suplex. He climbs…split legged moonsault with pin…Pillman out at two. Adonis back in…he applies a headlock. Pillman gets decapitated with a back elbow from Adonis. Powerslam. Loco back in. Handspring lariat. Crowd tries to rally Pillman back into the match. Meanwhile Adonis connects with a big slam. Pillman bounces off the ropes…he and Adonis collide with crossbodies. They both tag out.

Wardlow comes in hot with clotheslines. He picks up Loco in the electric chair…Pillman to the top…doomsday device! Wardlow gets dumped to the outside. He and Loco begin brawling. Adonis has Pillman on the top for a superplex…blocked…Pillman pushes Adonis off and lands a standing splash. Adonis kicks out on the pinfall. Quick roll-ups by Pillman but Adonis gets out of every one. He pushes Pillman off a back-roll into the ropes where Loco hits Pillman in the face with a chair. Adonis makes the pin, and that’ll do it.

Sam Adonis/Gringo Loco win by pinfall

Commentary reminds us that Wardlow was announced as AEW’s newest signing at last night’s ALL OUT pay per view. Our next match will feature more lucha action.

Atlantis is out first, followed by Ultimo Guerrero, and Caristico.

Atlantis versus Ultimo Guerrero versus Caristico

Atlantis goes to the apron and lets Guerrero and Caristico tangle first. Chain wrestling to start. Knuckle-lock…Guerrero takes Caristico down and applies a modified ankle-lock. He lets him out. Pace picks up…Caristico stuns Guerrero with a back-flip, then sends him to the outside with a headscissor. Atlantis jumps in but Caristico sends him out as well. Springboard frankensteiner by Caristico onto Guerrero on the outside. The three men reset…Atlantis snapmares Caristico to the mat. He goes after Caristico’s leg. Half-crab is locked in. Guerrero breaks the submission. Atlantis and Guerrero trade roll-ups…Guerrero gets throw out again. Caristico and Atlantis collide…Caristico rips Atlantis’ mask but Guerrero jumps back in. He nails Caristico with a second rope gordbuster. Cover…only two. Guerrero back to the top…he baits Caristico to meet him up there, then slams him with a top rope powerbomb. Atlantis recovering on the apron…Caristico regains control with a top rope twisting frankensteiner. Atlantis sneaks in for a pin…Caristico escapes and sends him back to the outside. Spinning armbar by Caristico applied…Guerrero taps.

Caristico wins by submission

The luchadores show each other great respect…Sam Adonis and Gringo Loco are back out and assault them! Soberano Jr. and Templario come out and the CMLL stars place a beating on Adonis and Loco for all their shenanigans throughout the night. Caristico and Atlantis throw Loco into the barricade, then hold his legs open so Caristico can hit a dropkick to his groin. Bocchini says they get what they deserve, while Hausman calls the actions of the luchadores unprofessional. This ends the segment.

Next bout is announced as a singles-contest. Former MLW champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor is out for his matchup with Killer Kross, who is out second.

Killer Kross versus Tom Lawlor

Lawlor and Kross shake hands before they start. Lawlor goes for a takedown but Kross has it scouted. Both men show off their ground wrestling skill. Lawlor attempts an armbar…Kross blocks…he transitions into an ankle-hold. Lawlor quickly counters the pressure to apply a submission…Kross gets to the ropes to break it. Kross lands the first strikes of the match…Lawlor ducks a lariat…spinning heel kick, followed by a Samoan drop. Lawlor goes for a sharpshooter…he turns it into a modified cloverleaf. Lawlor deals a good amount of damage to Kross’ legs, but Kross makes it to the ropes again. Lawlor offers Kross another handshake…he doesn’t take it this time. Lawlor traps Kross in the corner…he unloads a vicious combo. Kross stops Lawlor…he sends him flying across the ring with an exploder suplex. Snap-suplex from Kross with pin…two count. Kross goes right for an armbar…Lawlor blocks it this time…he gets to his feet and gains half-guard position…now Kross is in trouble and getting armbar’d. Hold is broken…Kross angrily charges but Lawlor hits an exploder suplex. Kross pops right back up…lariat.

Kross grounds Lawlor and applies the ankle-lock. Lawlor tries to crawl to the ropes…Kross pulls him back to the center. Lawlor flips to his back and connects with some up-kick but Kross stomps Lawlor in the chest. Lawlor fires back with an airplane spin/DVD combo. Lawlor can’t make the cover. Another flurry of strikes by Lawlor…Kross drops him with one chop. Lawlor bounces up…German suplex. Rear-naked choke by Lawlor! Kross is in trouble. Referee checks the arm. Kross with a surge of adrenaline…belly to back suplex! Another one. Cover…looks like he got him but the ref says Lawlor kicked out. Lawlor with a triangle out of nowhere…Kross deadlifts him…powerbomb. Now it’s over.

Killer Kross wins by pinfall

Lawlor and Kross bow to each other post match. Nice ovation for both guys. We go right into our next matchup. Alex Zayne makes his way to the ring. Commentary tells us that he was a former backyard wrestler who recently returned to the independent scene. He’ll be battling NJPW’s Lance Archer. Archer walks to the ring and punches a few of the security officials in the front row.

Lance Archer versus Alex Zayne

Back and forth striking…Archer destroys Zayne with a standing lariat. He picks Zayn up…short-armed lariat. He clubs Zayn in the back and goes for a chokeslam…Zayn gets into frankensteiner position but Archer blocks it…he goes to powerbomb him over the top but Zayn shifts his weight and sends Archer to ringside. Tope con hilo connects! Back in the ring…Zayn bounces off the ropes but Archer with a little misdirection…HUGE shoulder block sends Zayn flying. Archer lights up Zayn’s chest with chops. Zayn fires off a few of his own…they have no effect. Heavy elbow from Archer drops Zayn again. He softens Zayn up for the EBD claw. Archer taunts Zayn and goes to the corner for a charging attack…Zayn surprises Archer with a pump knee. Archer is up first…Zayn lays into Archer but the big guy levels him with a forearm. Zayn manages to get Archer off his feet. Springboard knees, followed by a standing shooting star with pin…Archer kicks out with ease.

Zayn hits an enziguri that sends Archer to the corner. Running elbow but Archer uranagis him to the mat. Archer sets Zayn up on the top…superplex attempt…Zayn surprisingly blocks it and pushes Archer off…he’s in position at the top…shooting star double-knee! Cover…two count. Zayn goes for an arm-ringer…Archer with the EBD claw out of nowhere but Zayn keeps it held away…German suplex to Archer. Zayn climbs…Archer meets him up there with a running knee. Archer has Zayn on his shoulders…military press off the middle-rope. Chokeslam from Archer. Lazy cover…Zayn crucifix pins him…two. Archer has the match won with a big slam but he pulls Zayn up to apply the EBD claw. Cover…it’s over.

Lance Archer wins by pinfall

Archer keeps the EBD claw applied for a bit but eventually lets go. He and Zayn leave, and the next competitors prepare to come out. Alex Shelley is out first. He’ll be facing…Austin Aries, who is accompanied by UFC Hall of Famer Frank Mir.

Alex Shelley versus Austin Aries

Shelley offers a handshake…Aries hesitates but does shake. Tie-up. Aries quickly brings Shelley down. Shelley turns it around with a wristlock. Neither man can gain an early advantage and they separate and reset. Fans evenly split for this one. Back and forth chain wrestling…Aries locks in the Last Chancery submission…Shelley immediately gets to the ropes to break the hold. He slides to the outside to regroup. Shelley comes back in very friendly…he kisses Aries’ feet, and offers another handshake…Shelley sneakily locks in an armbar. Now Aries gets to the ropes. intensity picks up…Shelley nails the Randy Savage top rope axe-handle. He traps Aries in the tree-of-woe…basement dropkick to the face. Another. Aries tries dumping Shelley to the outside but Shelley stays on the apron. Stun gun, followed by a springboard splash. Shelley goes for sliced bread…Aries sends Shelley into the turnbuckles to take control. Running corner elbow, snapmare, stomp to the eye, and middle-rope elbow for a nearfall.

Aries to the apron…he and Shelley trade suplex attempts…they both end up on the apron. Shelley tries for sliced bread again but again Aries pushes Shelley off, this time into the ringpost. Neckbreaker from Aries. He climbs…missile dropkick connects. Aries with a pinfall attempt…just a two. Aries goes for a brainbuster but Shelley counters with an armbar…escape. Unique rib-breaker by Aries. He goes for the brainbuster again…Shelley switches and goes for sliced bread…blocked…superkick by Shelley. A second. A third. Sliced bread lands! Cover…Aries kicks out but Shelley immediately applies the armbar. He escapes. Aries to his feet…jumping guillotine. Shelley passes out. The ref calls for the bell.

Austin Aries wins via referee stoppage

Post match Aries grabs a microphone. He says that 15 years ago he and Shelley faced each other and changed the landscape of professional wrestling. “Now we’re all old and sh*t,” jokes Aries. Aries commends Shelley for coming back to the pro-wrestling business. Aries then tells Shelley that if he ever needs a partner, he has his back. Shelley thanks Aries, then thanks the fans for their never-ending support. He says one year ago he was going to quit, but that pro-wresting is the most addictive drug he’s ever experienced. He makes a deal with the crowd: He’ll stop wrestling when he can no longer work to the standard set by the amazing wrestling fans. He tells them to support older guys like he and Aries, but also support the next generation. “Thank you…I love you.” Shelley exits.

A 20-minute intermission is announced.

Back from break…the AAA tag team champion Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix) make their way out. They’re set to battle IMPACT stars Daga and Tessa Blanchard, who are out second.

Lucha Bros versus Tessa Blanchard/Daga

Crowd is the loudest they’ve been all night. Pentagon and Daga begin. Pentagon shouts Spanish obscenities at Blanchard on the apron. Angrily she tags in and faces Pentagon face to face. Pentagon removes his glove to the delight of the crowd and throws it to the ref. Fenix jumps in…SUPERKICK TO BLANCHARD. Daga superkicks Pentagon. Now the action picks up. Pentagon nails Blanchard with another superkick. Lucha Bros double-team Daga. They go for stereo superkicks…Blanchard jumps in to protect him…they both get superkicked. Daga hit Pentagon with a roundhouse, while Blanchard surprises Fenix with a jumping cutter. Lungblower/codebreaker combo from Daga and Blanchard. Fenix gets trapped in the corner…another codebreaker by Blanchard. Pentagon breaks up the pin with another superkick. Daga sends him to the outside…tope con hilo connects.

Fenix and Blanchard are alone in the ring. Blanchard lands a forearm. Another. A third. Fenix blocks the fourth and slaps Blanchard in the chest. Blanchard off the ropes…satellite tornado DDT from Blanchard! Cover…only two. She goes to the top for magnum…Fenix dodges and hits a thrust kick. Running sit-out powerbomb from Fenix. Pentagon climbs while Fenix holds Blanchard’s legs out..WAZZZZUPPPP stomp. They go for the package piledriver/stomp…they nail it. Blanchard can’t kick out.

Lucha Bros win by pinfall

While the Lucha Bros celebrate, Daga attends to Blanchard who is slow to get up following the string of offense she took by Pentagon and Fenix. Huge ovation for Blanchard once she gets up.

Frank the Clown is welcomed to the ring. Someone comes out cosplaying as Cactus Jack. Another man is out as Dude Love, followed by a Mankind look-a-like. Frank the Clown finally emerges, with all three Mick Foley impersonators bowing down to him at the top of the entrance path. He makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone. “Bring Mick Foley’s old battered ass out here right now,” screams the clown. Foley appears to a loud pop. He carries a duffel bag with him. Frank says that he’s idolized Foley since he was a child before transitioning into dating the love of his life…Foley’s daughter. He says that Foley is no longer Cactus Jack, Dude Love, or Mankind…he is just his girlfriend’s dad. “How does it feel to know that after you fell off the Hell in a Cell…all that money is going to go to Frank the Clown.” Frank removes his jacket to reveal that his whole outfit is pictures of Noelle (Foley’s daughter). Crowd is chanting for Foley to **** Frank up. “You maybe Noelle’s father…but she calls me daddy now.”

Foley has heard enough. He reveals Mr. Socko! Mandible Claw applied! Frank is out. Foley grabs the microphone, saying that Frank was incorrect in thinking that he wouldn’t hurt him. He pulls out a pair of tongs and grabs him by the balls. Frank is screaming in pain. Fans are eating this up. Foley splits Frank’s legs…leg-drop! He goes back into his back of toys…he pulls out a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and places it over his groin…another leg drop! Foley reveals a gas can. He dumps gasoline onto Frank and grabs a lighter! Several students jump into the ring from the high school to stop Foley from committing murder. Foley says that he’s seen this before…and he’ll run through each student if he has to. He eventually talks them into letting him do it but the Foley cosplayers pull Frank out before he can do it. Foley promises the crowd that the next two matches are going to tear the house down, because that’s what Warrior Wrestling is all about.

Next bout is a singles contest between Andrew Everett and Dragon Lee.

Andrew Everett versus Dragon Lee

A wild back and forth affair that moved at a phenomenal pace. Both men scouted the other very well, but in the end…Lee picked up the win by pinfall.

Dragon Lee wins by pinfall

Main event time. Michael Elgin is out first. The Warrior champion Brian Cage is out second. Introductions are over. Here we go.

Brian Cage versus Michael Elgin No DQ for the Warrior Wrestling Championship

Tie-up. Neither man can gain the advantage. Power of both these guys are about the same. Test of strength…Cage forces Elgin down…kick to Cage’s gut. Elgin off the ropes…shoulder block but no one moves. Another. Back and forth they go. Another kick from Elgin…Cage responds with a superkick. Running elbow and enziguri. Suplex blocked by Elgin. He smashes Elgin with a big chop. Cage answers with a headscissors that sends Elgin to ringside. Suicide dive attempt…Elgin meets him at the ropes with a right hand, then rocks Cage with a dropkick to the head. Clubbing blows from Elgin. Fight spills to the outside. Uppercuts from Cage. Elgin catches a pump kick and nails Cage with a superkick. He reaches under for a trash can…Cage comes out of nowhere with a baseball slide knocking the trash can into Elgin.

Cage smashes a trash can lid off of Elgin’s head. Elgin gets a hold of the lid and lands his own shot. Trash can thrown inside…Elgin uses it and goes for a cover…Cage powers out of the pin. Back and forth striking…Elgin attemps the suplex this time…they tease suplexes back and forth. Pump kick connects by Elgin but Cage quickly hits the suplex. He can’t make the cover, which commentary points out. Running elbows by the champ…Elgin off the ropes…spinebuster for a nearfall. Cage misses a trash can shot…now Cage ducks…superkick and DVD combo. Elgin kicks out. He goes for a powerbomb…Elgin picks the foot…basement forearm and deadlift German nearly wins it for Elgin. He lays into Cage with running corner lariats. He sets up for a superplex…Cage slips out and traps his head…superkick. Elgin with another German but Cage bounces right up. German suplex. Neither man will stay down! Double lariat. Ref starts the count for a double-knockout…he gets to seven…they’re up.

Back and forth striking…huge haymakers from both men. Combo from Cage sends Elgin to the corner. Enziguri from Elgin. He goes for an Elgin bomb…Cage counters…buckle bomb. He goes for a Lucha Destroyer…Elgin counters with a Canadian Destroyer for two. Discus lariat attempt…Elgin catches the strike and hits a Dragon Suplex. Big lariat attempt…Cage catches Elgin with a pop-up powerbomb. He rolls him up…knee strike. Lucha Destroyer. Elgin kicks out! Cage pulls a table from the outside. He sets it up in the ring and puts Elgin on the top ropes. Another superplex attempt…Elgin headbutts him off but Cage connects with an enziguri. He goes for a frankensteiner…Elgin turns it into a powerbomb through the table! Cover…Cage JUST kicks out. Torture rack that Cage escapes from…Drill Claw. Champ retains.

Brian Cage wins by pinfall to retain the Warrior Wrestling Championship

Post match, Cage says he cannot be stopped. He calls out Sami Callihan and promises to give The Draw his Warrior Wrestling title shot real soon.

That’s the show friends.