Welcome to Wrestling Inc's recap of the season two premiere of WOW (Women of Wrestling). Tonight's episode takes place from the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles California, and aired on AXS TV. Enjoy the show, and sound off in the comments.

David McLane welcomes us to the show with his signature introduction. A video recap of season one of WOW is replayed, including Tessa Blanchard's campaign to become the world champion. Footage also recalls Jungle Grrrl's winning streak ending thanks to an assist from The Beast. Season one ended with Havok, The Beast, Jungle Grrrl, and Tessa Blanchard all having a face-off.

Back to the arena. McLane introduces the champ, Tessa Blanchard. Crowd erupts. Blanchard gets on the microphone and tells the crowd that she is undeniable. "I am one of the best in the world. I am the world champion. I am the biggest star in this industry, and I am the baddest b**ch in this building." That brings out The Beast. She says that Blanchard is only the champ because she allows her to be. They get into each other's faces. Jungle Grrrl is out next, who reminds Blanchard that it took The Beast and Blanchard's duel efforts to hand her a loss in WOW. Blanchard asks McLane to put Jungle Grrrl and The Beast in the ring together to figure out a number one contender. The champ goes to leave...Havok is here! She chases Blanchard back into the ring. This leads McLane to book a triple-threat elimination match for tonight's main event!

Coming up next...Jessie Jones versus Fire. We go to commercial.

Back to the show...Shaul Guerrero introduces our first contest of the season. Jessie Jones makes her way to the ring. She grabs the mic from Shaul and says she doesn't care what the crowd thinks...she's proven that she doesn't need anybody to "make wrestling great again." Jones runs through the opponents she's defeated including Azteca and Stephy Slays. Fire is out next.

Jessie Jones versus Fire

Tie-up. Jones forces Fire into the corner and lands a big chop. Fire responds with a Lou Thez press! She unleashes a flurry of strikes. Dropkick, followed by a basement dropkick from Fire. Cover...only two. Fire plays to the crowd. Waistlock. Jones traps Fire's arm and stomps it to the mat. She targets the arm now to set up for her armbar finisher. She tosses Fire into the turnbuckles, then drives her shoulder into her gut. Jones charges...Fire dodged and rolls her up for two. Jones back to work on the arm...shoulder thrust. Another one. A third. Jones off the ropes...huge lariat connects. Jones misses an elbow drop...Fire nails a superkick. Running elbow smash from Fire. Snapmare and superkick in succession. Corner lariat by Fire drops Jones. Side swipe-kick lands! Cover...Jones stays alive. Jones retakes control with a thumb to the eye. She goes for the armbar but Fire gets her foot on the ropes. Jones argues with the referee...Fire with a school boy for a nearfall. Jones immediately applies the armbar. Fire taps. It's over.

Jessie Jones wins by submission

Back from break, we get a vignette for Azteca. She says that she grew up in a very conservative household, with her parents pushing her to be a nurse. She says that against their will, she joined WOW to pursue her dream of becoming a professional wrestler. She removes the mask and says she no longer wants to hide behind the mask. She re-introduces herself Reyna Reyes, and tells us that she can't wait to prove to the world what she can do. McLane tells us that Reyes will partner with Princess Aussie later in the night as they compete in a tag tournament to crown the first WOW tag team champions of this new era.

A short history on women's tag team wrestling is played, which runs down some of the biggest female names in the business like Princess Victoria, Mae Young, Wendy Richter, Jumping Bomb Angels, and many more. Women's tag wrestling took a hiatus before WOW crowned Caged Heat.

The Disciplinarian is out next accompanied by Samantha Smart. She'll be facing Boston's own Sassy Massy.

The Disciplinarian versus Sassy Massy

Tie-up. Disciplinarian shows off her power and whips Massy to the mat. Waistlock from Massy but Disciplinarian hits an elbow strike that rocks her. Massy traps Disciplinarian in the corner...she kicks her way out. Massy lands some offense with a senton on the rope and a short-armed neckbreaker. Massy to the middle ropes...Disciplinarian rips out her leg and Massy hits the mat hard. With the referee's back turned...Samantha Smart chokes Massy with her ruler. Leg-sweep by Disciplinarian for a nearfall. Massy shows off some athleticism with a fun dodge and roll-up. Complete shot for a nearfall. Disciplinarian answers with a big boot. Choke bomb. Suplex attempt...Disciplinarian turns it to a gordbuster driver. She has the match won but lifts Massy's shoulder so she can continue to assault her. Massy takes advantage of the chance...discus elbow. Corner lariat, running hip-thrust and a flying crossbody. Cover...Disciplinarian kicks out. Back to their feet...Disciplinarian hits a cutter! Massy is out at two. Disciplinarian picks up Massy in a firemans carry...Massy turns it to a sunset flip pin...got her!

Sassy Massy wins by pinfall

We go to break. Tag team action is next.

Back from break...Sassy Massy celebrates her victory backstage while Disciplinarian throws a fit in her dressing room.

Psycho Sisters (Razor and Fury) are out first for the tag team tournament. They're accompanied by Mezmeriah. Razor says when they heard about the WOW tag titles, they knew they had to come compete at WOW. Out next...Princess Aussie and Reyna Reyes.

Psycho Sisters versus Reyna Reyes/Princess Aussie tag team tournament

Razor and Aussie begin. Aussie applies a headlock. Razor goes for a waistlock but Aussie reverses the pressure and locks in an armbar. Razor transitions into a headscissor...both women end up on their feet trading blows. Reyes tags in...double elbow from Reyes and Aussie for a nearfall. Double-hip toss for another nearfall. Aussie rocks Razor with a corner elbow. Fury causes a distraction and Mezmeriah rips Aussie down from the turnbuckles. Razor smashes Aussie into the turnbuckles and tags in Fury. Fury stomps Aussie in the chest, then connects with a big boot. STF submission from Fury. Reyes comes in and breaks the hold. Razor picks Aussie up...big chop drops her. Razor back in. She drags Aussie's face off the top ring rope.

Aussie creates separation with a headscissor. Stunner! She crawls to her corner...and makes the tag to Reyes! Reyes unloads kicks onto the Psycho Sisters. Big roundhouse nearly wins the match. All four women in the ring. Swinging neckbreaker to Razor. German suplex to Aussie. Reyes hits the complete shot...only a two count. Reyes goes for a superkick but accidentally hits Aussie! Fury from behind with a school boy...it's over.

Psycho Sisters win by pinfall and advance in the tournament

Post match, Razor says that there is no other team in this division that can stop the Psycho Sisters.

A vignette promo hyping the evening's main event is played. It highlights the rivalry between The Beast, Havok, Jungle Grrrl, and Tessa Blanchard.

Main event time. Shaul Guerrero reminds us that the triple-threat is an elimination match. Tessa Blanchard joins the commentary table. Jungle Grrrl is out first of the competitors, followed by Havok and The Beast. Here we go.

Jungle Grrrl versus The Beast versus Havok Triple-Threat Elimination Number One Contender's Match

Epic staredown between the three monsters. Havok shoves Jungle Grrrl and The Beast...this leads to a temporary alliance where they boot Havok out of the ring. Jungle Grrrl and The Beast collide with shoulder blocks but neither woman budges. Havok pulls out The Beast and smashes her off the ringpost. Havok back in...Jungle Grrrl slides underneath and pulls Havok to the outside. Havok drops both women with a double lariat. She tosses Jungle Grrrl back inside and stomps her down. The Beast nails a double-spear out of nowhere! She kicks Jungle Grrrl in the ribs and goes to pick up Havok...Havok blocks it...Jungle Grrrl climbs to the top...double-crossbody! Crowd is going nuts. Corner attacks back and forth by Jungle Grrrl...double lariat. Cover...The Beast and Havok kick out.

Back and forth striking from all three women...Beast picks Havok up in a firemans carry...Jungle Grrrl spears Beast, which leads to a Samoan drop. Jungle Grrrl climbs...Hazard comes out of nowhere and pulls Jungle Grrrl off! She jumps in to attack The Beast! Referee calls for the bell!

Match is ruled a no-contest due to interference

Jungle Grrrl chases Havok and Hazard off with a chair. Tessa Blanchard says since McLane can't figure it out, she'll just pick her own opponent for next week's title defense.

That's the show friends.