Welcome to Wrestling Inc's recap of WOW (Women of Wrestling). Tonight's episode takes place from the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles California, and aired on AXS TV. Enjoy the show, and sound off in the comments.

Recap of last week's episode when WOW world champion Tessa Blanchard declared herself the baddest b**ch in the building. This led to a confrontation between The Beast, Jungle Grrrl, and Havok, all eyeballing Blanchard's title. A triple-threat main event was scheduled, where the winner would challenge Blanchard on tonight's episode. However, interference from Havok's partner Hazard led to the bout being thrown out. Blanchard, who was on commentary, says she'll choose her on opponent.

Cut to Sophia Lopez and Blanchard taking a meeting in a hotel lobby. Gonzalez hands Blanchard a briefcase, most likely filled with money. They have an exchange in Spanish, with Lopez attempting to buy an opportunity for one of her clients. Blanchard happily accepts the offer.

David McLane welcomes us to WOW with his signature intro. Lana Star and the Beverly Hills Babe make their way to the ring. Star says she has a big announcement. "I have entered the tag team series...and I have picked a partner that I know won't let me down." BHB parades around the ring thinking that she is Star's choice. Star then introduces Faith The Lioness. Huge pop from the crowd. BHB is shocked. She grabs the mic and berates Star for not choosing her. "You promised me that we were going to have gold around our waists. You introduced me to the Hollywood life. You can't do this to me. What kind of human being are you?" Star responds with vigor: "I grew up in Hollywood, where dreams are broken every single day." Star tells BHB that if she can beat Faith, she can be her partner, but if she loses, she's cut. A referee is out, and this opening contest is underway.

Faith the Lioness versus Beverly Hills Babe

BHB beings with a kick to Faith's gut. She smashes Faith's face off the mat, then moves her to the ropes for a choke. Faith off the ropes...big lariat, followed by a dropkick from Faith. BHB rolls to ringside to recover. She starts shouting at Lana, who is on commentary. BHB retakes control by whipping Faith's leg off the ring post. Back in the ring...BHB targets the leg. Thrusting knee strikes. BHB goes for the Figure Four but Faith shoves her off. BHB goes right back to the leg, mocking Faith in the process. Figure Four applied...Faith reverses the pressure. BHB gets to the ropes to break the submission. Faith back to her feet...elbows to BHB. She Irish-Whips BHB in the corner but collapses on her bad leg. X-factor. BHB refuses to make the cover shouting at Star. She makes a lazy cover...Faith turns it into a crucifix. Got her!

Faith The Lioness wins by pinfall

BHB can't believe it. Star says she's always been trash. We go to our first commercial.

Back from break...Abilene Maverick is walking backstage when she runs into Stephy Slays. Slays wonders when Maverick is going to give her a matchup. Maverick responds by claiming the one win Slays got was a fluke, and until she beats a formidable opponent...she'll be viewed as a joke.

Shaul Guerrero is in the ring to introduce our next matchup. Abilene Maverick is out first. She'll be facing...Adrenaline.

Abilene Maverick versus Adrenaline

Maverick runs to the ropes to avoid Adrenaline's attack. Waistlock. Maverick tries to escape but Adrenaline is too strong. She slams Maverick to the mat showing off her ground-wrestling skills. Maverick switches behind but Adrenaline hits an arm-drag. Shoulder-lock from Adrenaline. She bounces off the ropes...frankensteiner and dropkick in succession. Maverick slows Adrenaline with a shot to the gut. Adrenaline fires right back with a flurry of strikes. Maverick begs for mercy and Adrenaline slows her momentum. Maverick takes advantage and sends Adrenaline into the turnbuckles. Boot to the midsection and Adrenaline is gasping for air. Rear naked choke from Maverick...Adrenaline in trouble...she's right in the center. Adrenaline gets to her feet but Maverick whips her right back down.

To the corner...Maverick with an Irish-Whip...Adrenaline goes for a headscissor...she transitions into a Russian-leg sweep for a nearfall. Maverick catches Adrenaline with a snapmare into her knee. She goes for a DDT...Adrenaline pushes her into the corner. Firemans carry pickup...Samoan drop lands. Cover...Maverick still alive. She cradles her! Two count. Adrenaline hits a code red! It's over.

Adrenaline wins by pinfall

Cut to a video vignette for Siren and Holidead. They sit surrounded by candles, claiming that they will be the winner of the tag team tournament, and soon everybody will see their dark power.

Tag team action coming up after the break.

A video of Keta Rush and Stephy Slays forming the Bully Busters. Both women have suffered bullying and abuse, leading to their alliance. Rush and Slays even had a competitive matchup against one another, where Rush won via submission.

In the locker room Abilene Maverick is taking off her boots. Stephy Slays strolls up asking Maverick how it feels to be a loser. Maverick throws something at her ending the segment.

Siren and Holidead are out next for a tag team championship tournament bout. They'll be facing the Bully Busters.

Siren/Holidead versus Keta Rush/Stephy Slays Tag Team Championship Tournament

Holidead and Siren attack Rush and Slays from behind. The babyfaces respond with stereo headscissors which send the voodoo worshippers to the outside. Referee gains control Slays and Siren begin. Quick school boy from Slays but Siren kicks out. They both tag out. Flying crossbody by Rush to Holidead. She goes for another headscissor...Holidead turns it into a sidewalk slam. She picks Rush up for a powerslam and leg drop. Rush angrily battles out of heel team's corner. Slays gets tagged. She comes in hot with flying lariats. Siren blindly tags in but Slays tosses her into Holidead and hits a corner splash. She goes for a victory roll...Siren breaks it up with a PK. She nails Rush with an exploder. Holidead takes advantage and hits Slays with a fairytale ending. Slays can't kick out.

Siren/Holidead win by pinfall and advance in the tournament

David McLane on commentary says the match may be reviewed, as Holidead wasn't the legal competitor. For now, the decision will stand. Post match, Siren gets on the microphone and says that the crowd has now seen the extent of their power.

Backstage Beverly Hills Babe is distraught in the locker room. Jessie Jones walks up to give her a pep talks. She says the old her wouldn't let Lana Star run all over her, and takes the Beverly Hills Babe out to make her feel better.

Flashback to last week's chaotic main event, when Hazard interfered in the triple-threat main event. Footage of Sophia Lopez handing Tessa Blanchard the briefcase is replayed.

Main event time. Sophia Lopez introduces Serpentine as Tessa Blanchard's opponent for tonight's title matchup. McLane figures out that the briefcase was filled with cash, and that's how Serpentine earned this title shot. Blanchard is out next. Here we go.

Tessa Blanchard versus Serpentine for the WOW World championship

Crowd is evenly split. Serpentine shows off her speed before they lock-up. She traps in a waistlock. Blanchard expertly switches out but Serpentine goes for a submission. Back and forth mat wrestling. Blanchard goes for a guillotine...Serpentine breaks free and tries a Boston Crab...the champ pushes her off. They reset. Serpentine asks for a test of strength...Blanchard kicks her in the gut and takes her down with a headlock. Serpentine immediately transitions out by applying a headscissor. Back to their feet...hammerlock exchanges...neither woman is able to gain a clear advantage. Serpentine falls into a pinfall...two count.

Blanchard forces Serpentine into the corner. Big slap. Hip-toss attempt that Serpentine turns into a pin...another two count. Serpentine on the attack now...huge chop to Blanchard's chest. Another. She comes off the ropes...Blanchard rocks her with an elbow. Serpentine in trouble on the ropes...running attacks to the back. Snapmare and PK. Blanchard picks Serpentine up...short-arm lariat. A second. Serpentine shows some athleticism to hit a Russian leg sweet. She transitions right into a modified Boston Crab. She locks Blanchard's arms so she can't grab the ropes...eventually Serpentine lets go. Top rope arm-drag sends Blanchard to the outside. Serpentine to the apron...flying frankensteiner! She tosses Blanchard back in...Blanchard comes right off the ropes...suicide dive! They move to the apron...piledriver attempt from Blanchard...Serpentine blocks it and hits a thrust knee. Blanchard answers with a big right hand. Blanchard goes for a suplex to the outside...Serpentine suplexes her back inside. Both women are down. Crowd is hot.

Serpentine building momentum. Lariat and elbow smash in succession. Blanchard rolls to the ropes...basement dropkick from Serpentine for two. Blanchard shows fighting spirit...full nelson driver but Serpentine kicks out. Blanchard climbs...meteora misses...Serpentine hits a pump kick, then a shoulder breaker. Cover...still not over! Serpentine goes to the middle ropes...Blanchard catches her with a codebreaker! Hammerlock DDT...Serpentine counters with a spinebuster! She climbs to the top...double-stomp misses... Serpentine runs into a superkick. Hammerlock DDT. That'll do it. What a match.

Tessa Blanchard wins by pinfall to retain the WOW World championship

Commentary praises the matchup. Blanchard starts celebrating. The Beast, Jungle Grrrl, and Havok all surround the ring. Blanchard tells them to bring it.

That's the show friends.