WWE is calling on fans who subscribe to DISH and Sling to help get the FOX channels back on the line-up, or to find another provider.

A current dispute between DISH and FOX has led to a social media campaign from FOX as they ask customers to contact DISH and encourage them to come to a resolution. These disputes between networks and providers happen often, and are usually worked out at the last minute.

WWE will begin airing SmackDown on FOX next Friday night. Their new Backstage studio show will premiere on FS1 on Tuesday, November 5.

It’s interesting to note that WWE’s tweet is asking fans to find another provider. These campaigns usually focus on asking customers to contact the providers to encourage a resolution.

“Attention DISH customers: DISH took FOX, FS1 and more off your channel lineup. Don’t miss the premiere of Friday Night #SmackDown on FOX! Visit https://KEEPFOX.com to find another provider today. #keepfoxondish #keepfoxonsling,” WWE tweeted today.

You can see WWE’s full tweet with details on the campaign below: