SmackDown Tag Team Titles Match: The Revival vs. The New Day (c)

We go to the ring and out first comes The Revival, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, for boos and cheers from the North Carolina home state crowd. SmackDown Tag Team Champions Big E and Xavier Woods of The New Day are out next. The bell rings and we get formal introductions from Hamilton.

The bell rings and Woods starts with Dash. Dash goes for the knee but Woods gets the upperhand. Dawson comes from the apron but Woods rocks him back as well. Big E ends up running over Dawson on the floor with a big clothesline. Woods chops Dash in the ring now. Woods keeps control of Dawson. Big E comes in and Woods whips Dash into a big Uranage. Big E covers for a 2 count.

Big E unloads on Dash with forearms as fans do dueling chants. Dawson knocks Woods off the apron, leading to Dawson nailing a big clothesline to Big E from the apron. Woods is still down on the floor as Dawson brings Big E into the ring for a close 2 count. Dawson tags in for double teaming on Big E in the corner. Dawson with a 2 count. Dawson keeps Big E down and tags in Dash for more double teaming. Dash with a 2 count on Big E. Dawson keeps control but Big E stops a tag with strikes. Big E gets backed into the corner, then double teamed by The Revival as fans boo. Dawson taunts Big E and drops him with an elbow. We see Woods still down on the outside.

Dawson with an elbow to the face for another pin attempt. Dawson keeps Big E down with a body scissors now. Fans rally for Big E as he powers up with Dawson on his back. Dawson sends Big E into the turnbuckle face-first. Dawson with an uppercut in the corner, then stomps. Big E counters a whip and sends Dawson hard into the corner, he goes down. We see Woods getting up on the outside. Dash tags in but eats a belly-to-belly from Big E. Woods finally gets the hot tag for a big pop.

Woods unloads on both opponents and hits the Honor Roll to Dawson. Woods keeps control and hits a huge DDT on Dawson out of the corner but Dash breaks the pin with a shot to the knee off the top. Big E goes to nail a Spear to the floor from the apron but he lands on the floor by himself. Dash leaps out but gets caught in mid-air. They tangle and this leads to The Revival hitting a big Shatter Machine to Big E on the floor. Fans chant "this is awesome!" now.

Dawson returns to the ring and tags in Dash as Woods stares them down. They attack and he fights with them. Dash takes out Woods' knee and he screams in pain. Woods tries to fight both opponents but they mock him and nail another Shatter Machine. The referee is trying to get Dash out of the ring and finally does. The Revival seems more interested in hurting Woods' knee some more. They take his brace off and Dawson applies a submission in the middle of the ring. The referee checks on Woods but he's crawling for the bottom rope as fans try to rally. Big E is still down on the outside. Dawson stares at Woods in the face as he goes for the rope. Woods holds on but finally taps out as Dawson tightens the hold.

Winners and New SmackDown Tag Team Champions: The Revival

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