- We noted last week how a WWE NXT injury report was issued following the USA Network premiere. It was reported that The Velveteen Dream suffered lumbar pain during his NXT North American Title loss to Roderick Strong, while Kona Reeves needed stitches and may have suffered orbital damage during his dark match loss to Damian Priest, and Arturo Ruas needed x-rays on his fingers after the loss to Pete Dunne. It was also noted that the injured NXT Superstars were on the "not cleared" list.

As seen above, WWE issued an update from Cathy Kelley ahead of tonight's NXT episode at Full Sail Live. Cathy reported that Dream is now listed "day to day" but is suffering from lumbar pain. She also said Ruas suffered a broken finger but is cleared to compete, and Reeves suffered a laceration under his eye but he is also cleared to wrestle. There have been rumblings of Dream suffering from legitimate back pain before last week's match with Strong. Reeves really did bleed heavily during last week's dark match with Priest, but the injury to Ruas is just an angle.

- WWE stock was up 2.91% today, closing at $71.01 per share. Today's high was $71.03 and the low was $69.01.

- WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion Dash Wilder took to Twitter during last night's show to praise Sami Zayn, who accompanied WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura to the ring for his win over Ali.

Wilder wrote, "Sami Zayn is a gift."

Sami responded with props for The Revival. He wrote, "Take 2. The Revival, great guys."

Wilder's tweet came one minute before WWE made a similar tweet, calling Zayn a gift. They wrote, "@SamiZayn, you are a gift and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. #SDLive @ShinsukeN"

Sami responded to the WWE Twitter account and wrote back, "Shut up baby I know it."

You can see the related tweets below: