WWE NXT UK Results (9/4): Takeover Fallout, Ripley Battles Niven, Ohno In Action

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Video recap of NXT UK Takeover Cardiff. Footage shows highlights from each of the featured matches, including Cesaro facing off with Ilja Dragunov, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster becoming the new tag team champions, Kay Lee Ray dethroning Toni Storm, and WALTER successfully defending the UK title after a war with Tyler Bate.

UK Intro song (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to NXT UK. They run down today's card, which includes Kassius Ohno facing 205 Live's Jack Gallagher in a rematch from a few weeks ago. That'll be the main event. Staring things off...Piper Niven. She'll be facing Rhea Ripley. (Reminder that these matches were taped prior to Takeover Cardiff.)


Piper Niven versus Rhea Ripley

Tie-up. Ripley bounces off the ropes and collides with Niven...neither budge. Spot is repeated. Ripley and Niven jaw jacking at each other. Lariat misses from Ripley...Niven shoulder blocks her to the mat. Big chop by Niven. Ripley attempts a big boot but gets whipped down. Niven goes for a running senton...Ripley evades it and Niven hits the mat hard. Ripley takes advantage by driving her shoulder in Niven in the corner. Ripley with stomps...she traps Niven in the corner and unloads right hands. Another massive stomp from Ripley targeting Niven's lower back. Ripley applies the Steiner recliner submission. She transitions into an inverted cloverleaf. Niven in trouble...she picks Ripley's leg and locks in a kneebar! Ripley screams in pain but manages to break the hold with a boot to the face. She goes back after Niven's neck with a crank. Niven picks Ripley up on her back and drops all her weight onto her. Both women down.

Crowd is evenly split. Back and forth striking...Niven wins the exchange and knocks Ripley to the corner. Running cannonball connects. Niven to the middle ropes...vader bomb for two. Suplex attempt...Niven's back gives out. Ripley nails a big boot. She sets Niven up for the Rip-tide...Niven responds with a headbutt, followed by a running crossbody. Cover...only two. Ripley retakes control...Rip-tide. It's over.


Rhea Ripley wins by pinfall

Backstage Sid Scala tells us that Jack Gallagher is not cleared to compete against Kassius Ohno, and they're scrambling to find an opponent. Ohno walks up says that Scala is dropping the ball, and that he better find an opponent so he doesn't have to forfeit the main event. General Manager Johnny Saint walks by and whispers in Scala's ear. He leaves. Scala tells us that Ohno will have an opponent.

Cut to footage that occurred after Takeover. Grizzled Young Veterans, frustrated by their title loss, go to General Manager Johnny Saint's office. Zack Gibson says he and Drake deserve a fair rematch against new champs Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews...Saint responds by saying he'll think about it. It's officially announced that the rematch will take place next week.

A short video package compiling all of Takeover Cardiff's biggest moments is played as an advertisement for the WWE Network. A Clash of Champions commercial plays next.

Footage of Joe Coffey chatting with fellow Gallus members Mark Coffey and Wolfgang in a medical trainers room following his Last Man Standing victory over Dave Mastiff at Takeover. Elsewhere, Mastiff gets a pep talk from The Hunt, who promise him that he'll bounce back from the loss.


Cut to Tyler Bate and Trent Seven moments after Takeover. Seven consoles Bate, who is still exhausted from his war with WALTER.

Video package for Tegan Nox. Commentary tells us that she'll be debuting for the brand next week!

Main event time. Kassius Ohno makes his way to the ring to a nice pop. Sid Scala is out next, still wearing his suit. He rips off his tie and shirt, and is introduced as Ohno's opponent. Ohno is shocked. So it commentary. Here we go.

Kassius Ohno versus Sid Scala

Tie-up. Ohno easily powers Scala down with an arm ringer. Crowd heavily behind Scala. He traps Ohno in the cravat but Ohno is able to escape. Scala with an impressive roll-out. Second tie-up. Scala applies pressure to Ohno's elbow...Ohno hip-tosses him away. Scala shows off some speed...he gets to the middle-ropes...diving sunset flip for a close two! Ohno rolls to ringside to regain his composure. He picks Scala's leg and stomps it to slow the assistant to the general manager down. Big strike by Ohno. He rips Scala's shirt off and wraps it around his leg to trip him. He lays into Scala's back with slaps. Scala fires off a few elbows but Ohno shakes it off and continues to attack the leg. Scala rolls him up out of nowhere...two. Big boot by Ohno. Both men to the apron...Scala lands several right hands, then whips Ohno's neck over the ropes. Plancha from Scala takes Ohno down! Back in the ring...Scala rocks Ohno with an elbow. He unloads on the big guy in the corner. Ohno blocks a tornado DDT and turns it into a shinbreaker. Dragon Screw. Ohno to the corner...discus elbow to the back of the head. It's over.


Kassius Ohno wins by pinfall

Post match, Ohno disrespectfully steps over Scala before he exits while playing to the crowd.

That's the show friends.