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No cold open. Straight into the song intro. (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from Cardiff Wales. Footage of Moustache Mountain entering the arena is shown. Commentary tells us that this is Tyler Bate’s first appearance since Takeover, and Trent Seven’s first action in over three months, when he goes up against Noam Dar.

Oliver Carter makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. He’ll be facing…Ligero…who is out second.

Oliver Carter versus Ligero

Tie-up. Headlock from Carter to start. Ligero uses the ropes to escape and sends Carter across the ring with an arm-drag. Carter goes for a school-boy pin but Ligero turns it into a pinning attempt of his own…only two. Stalemate…both men reset. Pace picks up…frankensteiner from Ligero…Carter lands on his feet…another athletic roll-up…Carter headscissors Ligero down. Ligero fires back with a knee strike, then applies the octopus submission. He releases the hold. Carter to the apron…he climbs…Ligero jumps up…arm-drag from the top rope. Cover…only two. Ligero slows the action down with a rest-hold. Carter lands a big right hand to the gut. Enziguri and overhead belly-to-belly in succession from Carter. Drive-by kick for a nearfall. He goes for a suplex…Ligero slips behind…he eats an uppercut by Carter. Springboard moonsault with pin…Ligero kicks out to stay alive. Carter charges Ligero…monkey-flip into the corner. Ligero to the apron…step through stunner. Superkick and springboard tornado DDT picks up the victory for Ligero.

Ligero wins by pinfall

Cut to WALTER who is working out at the Performance Center (this is from earlier in the week). He shouts at some recruits for joking around and not respecting the mat. He leads them into the ring and lets them spar while he watches from the corner. WALTER steps in and chops one recruit before pushing another out of the ring. He looks right at the camera. “That’s why I’m going to be the champ forever. None of you has a future.” This ends the segment.

Preview for Hell in a Cell featuring the Fiend versus Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship. An announcement that NXT UK is now moving to Thursdays.

Tyler Bate makes his way to the ring. Huge ovation from the crowd. He grabs a microphone and calls his matchup against WALTER at Takeover Cardiff one of the toughest and hardest nights of his career. “Inside…I felt like I let you guys down.” Crowd chants “No.” Bate then claims that he is far from finished with NXT U.K. This brings out Jordan Devlin. Devlin tells Bate that he impressed him with his Takeover performance, but berates Bate for not getting the job done. He says that General Manager Johnny Saint should have put him in the main event, and that he has what it takes to beat WALTER. “You and I both know that if I were in the main event…I’d be standing here as the UK champion. You may be strong…but I’m a man, and you’re just a boy,” growls Devlin. Bate responds: “Imagine how funny it’s going to be when this boy comes down there and puts you on your ass.” Bate walks to meat Devlin at the entrance path, but the Irish Ace retreats. Bate poses for the crowd ending the segment.

Flashback to Takeover, where Tegan Nox was sitting in the front row. A vignette highlighting Nox’s career is played, which includes her performances in the Mae Young Classic tournament. Nox was forced to exit the tournament due to a knee injury. She refers to that as one of the worst moments in her life, but that she used it as a motivator to train harder and come back stronger. “It’s my time to shine. I’m about to show the NXT UK universe exactly who I am.” Commentary tells us that Nox will be facing women’s champion Kay Lee Ray on next week’s show.

Advertisement for WWE shop.

Noam Dar is shown preparing for his main event bout with Trent Seven.

Back to the ring…Nina Samuels is out for women’s division action. She’ll be facing…Dani Luna.

Nina Samuels versus Dani Luna

Tie-up. Luna with a wristlock. Samuels reverses the pressure. Luna reverses it right back, then hip tosses Samuels down. Samuels attempts a crossbody…Luna catches her…Samuels resists and gets back to her feet but eats a spinning elbow by Luna for a nearfall. Samuels whips Luna into the middle rope, then mounts her with a ground and pound. She smashes Luna’s head off the turnbuckles. Face buster by Samuels with cover…only two. Samuels traps Luna in the ropes and yanks on her arms. The referee separates her…dropkick to Luna’s back. Another cover…Luna still alive. Straight-jacket submission applied by Samuels. Luna in trouble…she manages to get to her feet but Samuels jumps on her back to keep the hold locked in. Luna backs Samuels up into the corner. Running elbows and pump kick. Luna with a suplex. Samuels wont’ stay down on the pin. Samuels to the apron…she baits Luna in and catches her with a roundhouse. Springboard senton rocks Luna. She goes to the middle-rope…crossbody but Luna catches her again…fallaway slam for two. Luna climbs to the top…Samuels evades…big boot by Samuels. Final Act…and that’ll do it.

Nina Samuels wins by pinfall

Another preview for Hell in a Cell, this time highlighting the title matchup between Raw women’s champion Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks.

Announced for next week: Isla Dawn versus Piper Niven.

Main event time. Noam Dar is out first. Trent Seven is second. Here we go.

Noam Dar versus Trent Seven

Seven goes to lock up but Dar gets to the ropes to avoid tying up. Grapple. Dar grabs the wrist…Seven forces him into the corner and the referee separates them. Dar with a headlock takedown. He rips at Seven’s mustache. Crowd rallying Seven…he whips Dar off the ropes…misdirection from Seven…flying crossbody connects. Powerslam and leg drop from Seven. Early pin…Dar kicks out with ease. Dar pulls on Seven’s mustache again. He throws an angry haymaker which Dar ducks…Dar picks him up and drops him crotch first across the top rope. He climbs…dropkick. Stomps by Dar. He brings Seven to his feet and snapmares him through the ropes to the outside. Dar in pursuit…he smashes Seven’s head off the apron, then the barricade. Back in the ring…Seven fires off some kicks to the gut, but Dar retakes control with an uppercut.

Flurry of strikes by Seven…Dar responds in suit. Back and forth striking…Dar wins the exchange with another uppercut that drops Seven to the mat. Dar goes for the Tyler Driver…Seven breaks free and hits two big chops and a DDT. Running slap to Dar’s chest in the corner. Falcon Arrow by Seven with pin…Dar kicks out. He rolls to the outside to recover…Seven hits a suicide dive! He throws Dar back inside…Seven climbs…he misses a senton. Dar sets up for the shining wizard…Seven catches him with a backfist…Dar fires back by spinning Seven…Seven gets wrist-control…Seven star lariat! Dar kicks out! “This is awesome” chants from the crowd. He goes for the burning hammer…Dar escapes. He charges Dar in the corner but Dar moves…running pump kick, followed by a lariat to the back of Seven’s head. Cover…Seven just sneaks a shoulder out. Dar calling for his finisher again…he blows his nose in Seven’s towel, and sticks it down his pants. He charges…lariat out of nowhere by Seven. He sees the towel and loses it. Seven punches Dar repeatedly on the ropes, which leads to a DQ.

Noam Dar wins by disqualification

Seven looks at the referee, which gives Dar an opportunity to escape. He celebrates at the top of the ramp, and poses with the towel. Seven is livid.

That’s the show friends.