Rusev will not be the final reveal in the Maria Kanellis pregnancy angle, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

As noted, this week’s RAW saw Maria, who is 20 weeks along in her pregnancy, reveal that she and Mike Kanellis were expecting a baby boy. She then named Ricochet as the father, which led to Ricochet squashing Mike in a singles match. Ricochet insisted she was lying, and that led to Rusev making his return after Maria named him the father. Rusev squashed Mike in another singles match, but was dodged questions about getting Maria pregnant during a post-RAW interview.

The new report from the Observer notes that the eventual plan is to reveal who the father is, and build to that as a mystery angle for a ratings boost.

There’s no word yet on who they have planned to be the father, but it will not be Rusev. It was noted that this will be more of a running joke instead of an angle that builds to a major reveal, despite the hope for a ratings boost.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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