Young Bucks Talk Tag Tournament, Kenny Omega Is Acting Weird, Luchasaurus (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Brandon Cutler runs into Arthur and Trevor, Arthur immediately tears into Cutler, makes fun of him crying and being a nerd. Trevor tries a softer approach and says Cutler is a grown up and shoulder probably give up some of his hobbies. MJF suddenly enters and begins making fun of Cutler, who finally had enough and left the room. MJF says he hates everyone in the company, except for Arthur and Trevor, he then invites them to Applebee's to make fun of poor people.


* The Young Bucks talk about still recovering after their ladder match with Pentagon Jr. and Fenix. The mention how in their younger days they would heal up within a day after a match, but not so much these days. They run down some people's reaction to their crazy match, Jerry Lynn told them both to never do a match like that again. They then look forward to the tag team tournament.

* The Best Friends, Peter Avalon, and Orange Cassidy are about to have some food, referee Rick Knox shows up and tells them to get get the silverware and napkins in the proper place, he starts up his 10-count and they quickly fix things.

* Young Bucks training montage as they talk about being the favorites in the tag team tournament. They aren't just looking to win the titles, but they want to add AEW to the list of companies they've been dominant in.


* Jim Ross is grilling in his backyard and he announces AEW is headed to Nashville on November 13 for an episode of AEW on TNT.

* BTE Mailbag: Kenny Omega is a bit "off" as he's still recovering from losing to PAC at All Out. Talks about how the cheers from the fans are getting him through. Now he has Jon Moxley at Full Gear and has to get ready for that. Cut to Nick and Matt watching his footage. Nick tells Matt he can't put that on the episode, but Matt says, "Come on, you know how hard it is to get a Kenny bit these days." They try to figure out how to edit it, but Nick says ever since the Moxley injury Kenny seems weird. Nick mentioned "Hangman" Adam Page being radio silent since he lost to Chris Jericho. Cut to Luchasaurus answering the question, "Are you friends with Barney?" He says no, Barney is just a man in a dinosaur costume and gives real dinosaurs (like himself) a bad name, so he's hoping to take out some of the stereotypes about dinosaurs once he gets on TNT.