AAA wrestler La Parka underwent surgery today after sustaining a neck and cervical fracture to release pressure and repair a fractured vertebrae, according to @luchablog. He’s currently in recovery, but no other update is known at the moment.

The injury happened after he went for a suicide dive, going head first into the bottom of a guardrail.

To be clear, this is not LA Park, who currently wrestles for MLW. The injured wrestler is the man who replaced LA Park in AAA years ago. MLW sent their condolences out and also cleared up any confusion for fans.

“MLW sends its thoughts and prayers out to La Parka AAA of @LuchaLibreAAA who was injured this weekend. For those asking, LA Park (@laparktapia) is a different luchador than La Parka AAA. LA Park is in good health and joins us in wishing La Parka AAA a speedy recovery.”

LA Park will still face Jacob Fatu for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship at MLW Saturday Night Super Fight PPV in Chicago on November 2. He will also face Gangrel for WrestleRex in Pittsburgh this Thursday.