Welcome to Wrestling Inc's first live coverage event of AEW Dark, which airs every Tuesday at 7 PM EST on AEW's YouTube Channel. Be sure to chime in on your thoughts about tonight's show in the comments section below. Additionally, share our live coverage through social media. Make sure to click the REFRESH button to continue to get the most current up to date coverage. Below is what's on tonight's agenda. We hope that you enjoy the premiere episode!

Tony Schiavone welcomes fans to AEW Dark. He will be the weekly host. He thanks the fans for making AEW: Dynamite the biggest and most-watched premiere episode in pro wrestling history. Without further ado, the first match!

Darby Allin vs. CIMA

CIMA right away with double knees the moment the bell rings. Allin ducks out of the way from what could've been several hits, he follows it up with an arm drag. Allin goes for three bottom rope dives. The fans chant "One more time." Instead of doing a fourth one as the fans wanted, he goes for a powerbomb and CIMA moves out of the way in time. CIMA puts Allin in a submission. Allin scoots his way over to the rope to break the hold. With CIMA upside down and hanging off the ropes, Allin is targeting his knee. Allin charges again towards CIMA's knee. CIMA counters. Both men exchange powerful chops. The one from CIMA knocks down Allin. Allin gets up and goes for several shots towards CIMA's midsection. CIMA with a power driver. Goes for the cover and Allin kicks out.

CIMA goes off the top rope, comes down on his bad knee. Allin moves out of the way in time. Allin climbs to the top, goes for a full-body drop, then a cover. 1-2-3, Allin wins!

Winner: Darby Allin

Up next, an eight-man tag team match!

The Hybrid 2 (Angelico & Jack Evans) and The Lucha Bros ( Fenix & Penta El Zero M) vs. Private Party ( Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy) and Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent) w/ Orange Cassidy

Bell rings, and Penta goes over to Trent and begins to gesture "cero miedo." He gets cut off by Evans. All eight men begin duking it out in the center of the ring. The Lucha Brothers are back in the ring with Kassidy and they land a double back kick. Kassidy and Angelico exchange back and forth forearms. Evans comes in, then rolls out. Penta with a strong chop on Kassidy. Kassidy steps over with a corkscrew enziguri on Fenix, he's out of the ring. Taylor gets tagged in and runs across the ring and gets a big boot to the face. Evans comes in and breaks up the hug between Trent and Taylor.

Both men take Evans out, then they both crossbody the Lucha Brothers. On the outside, Cassidy stands in between the Best Friends and Angelico and Evans. He puts his hands in his pockets and the fans go wild. Private Party are now in the ring. Dropkick to Evans. Quen gets hooked kicked by Fenix. Taylor and Trent hug and then they dive to the outside. Cassidy off the top rope helps his friends out. Strong Zero from the Lucha Brothers on Trent, then a kick to the side of the head on Taylor. Penta goes for the cover, and picks up the win for his team!

Winners: The Hybrid 2 (Angelico & Jack Evans) and The Lucha Bros ( Fenix & Penta El Zero M)

The third match of the night is a women's tag team match!

Dr. Britt Baker & Allie vs. Penelope Ford & Bea Priestley

Allie and Priestley begin the match. Allie with an arm drag and then a hanging neckbreaker. Priestley runs over to the ropes and tells the referee to keep Allie away from her. Allie tags in Baker and Priestley tags in Ford. Baker goes for back-to-back cradles. Ford kicks out each time. Ford sends Baker to the rope. Priestley from the outside holds on to Baker's boot. Ford goes for a forward elbow, followed by Northern Lights. Baker kicks out. Baker tags in Allie. Allie comes across with a running forearm. Goes for the cover and Ford kicks out. Allie with several chest chops. Allie now on the outside, gets kicked by Priestley from the outside. She sends her back into the ring.

Ford tags in Priestley. She manipulates Allie's arm and stomps on it. She brings Allie over to her corner and tags in Ford. Ford and Priestley work together and Allie fires back. She crawls over to tag in Baker, but Priestley takes out Baker on the outside. Both women tag in their partners. Baker and Priestley are in. Baker with several elbow strikes. Priestley follows suit. Baker with a slingshot. Priestley with a waist lock. Baker with several back elbows breaks out of it. Priestley sends Baker into the ropes, Allie blindly tags herself in. Ford comes in with a cutter. Priestley with a roundhouse kick. Allie with a running death valley piledriver on Priestley. Now, Ford and Baker are back in the ring.

Baker with a DDT on Ford. Goes for the cover and Ford kicks out. Baker follows it up with a neckbreaker and a submission. Ford taps out. Baker and Allie win!

Winners: Dr. Britt Baker & Allie

Before the main event, Schiavone recaps everything that happened on AEW: Dynamite's premiere last Wednesday, including the six-man tag team main event. Additionally, a preview is shown for what's to come on tomorrow night's episode, including the start of the AEW Tag Team Tournament.

And now, the main event!

SCU (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky) vs. Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, and Marko Stunt)

Stunt and Daniels begin the match. Stunt with a side headlock. Daniels lifts him and lays his shoulder into him. Irish whip into the ropes and Stunt counters. Daniels walks across Stunt's back and mocks Stunt's dancing of the Floss. Stunt tags in Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy goes for several pins on Daniels and he kicks out each time. Kazarian gets tagged in and slows things down a bit and then tags in Sky. Sky with a few exchanges. Then, it's just Daniels and Luchasaurus in the ring. Luchasaurus with a tail exchange. The fans begin chanting his name. Now, Jungle Boy and Stunt work together. Stunt with double boots to Daniels. Stunt tags in Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy with a side headlock. Daniels gets out of it with a tilt-a-whirl.

Both men are crawling to their respective corners. Sky and Stunt get tagged in. Sky takes down Stunt and Jungle Boy comes in. Sky with a dropkick on Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus in the ring gets a DDT from Kazarian. Luchasaurus gets up and starts cleaning house. He high back kicks Kazarian and pops up Sky. Stunt and Jungle Boy take out Daniels and Sky on the outside. Both Jungle Boy and Stunt come in. Stunt with a running shooting star press. SCU officially clean house and try to go for the BME. Luchasaurus breaks it up. Kazarian and Sky work together and plant a backstabber on to Stunt. Goes for the cover and wins the match!

Winners: SCU (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky)

That concludes this week's episode of AEW Dark. We'll see you next week!