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– Before things between SCU and Best Friends can even get started, Fenix and Pentagon Jr. attack SCU during their entrance. Fenix rams Kazarian into the ring post. Pentagon hits a package piledriver on the ramp. Scorpio Sky runs down to chase away Fenix and Pentagon. Matt and Nick come out to check on Daniels as the medical team stretcher Daniels out. Referee Rick Knox says Daniels can’t wrestle, so Sky jumps in as a replacement.

Best Friends vs. SoCal Uncensored (AEW Tag Team Tournament Match)

Kazarian and Taylor get things started, Taylor goes right after Kazarian’s already dinged up back. Piledriver right into a knee strike on Kazarian, cover, two. Sky gets in there, but doesn’t have much luck. Sky’s sneaker comes off and Taylor throws it over to the ramp, then bites Sky’s foot. Taylor with a double stomp on Sky’s back, Trent hits a spear on Kazarian out on the floor.

Back in the ring, Trent continues to work over Kazarian, chop, sits him up on the top turnbuckle, Kazarian fights him off though for a moment. Taylor gets under Trent’s legs to help lift him up and they hit a superplex on Kazarian! Cover, two-count. Sky gets a tag, still without one shoe, but is able to clear out both opponents. Sky looked to fly, but Taylor hit him to stop that. Taylor went for a senton out to the floor and mistakenly hit Trent. Kazarian with a hurricanrana from the ring down to the floor on Taylor. Sky then flips over the top and takes out both guys. Sky then launches his remaining sneaker out to the crowd, and it gets sent right back into the middle of the ring! Crowd with a “He’s got no shoes!” chant. Trent gets launched into the corner, rolling elbow by Sky. Kazarian tags in, springboard leg drop.

Best Friends hit a foot to the face/half-and-half suplex on Kazarian. They go for a hug and Sky breaks it up, crowd boos. Sky eats a rising knee strike, followed by a flying knee. Then they get a big hug in. Kazarian gets put up on Taylor’s shoulders. Trent with a big doomsday knee of the top rope, cover, two. Trent trying to piledrive Kazarian on the apron, Sky stops that, then sends Taylor into the barricade. Kazarian back body drops Trent on the apron. Sky tagged in, powerbomb/dropkick combo on Trent for the 1-2-3.

Winners: SCU via pinfall to advance to the semi-finals.

– During the break, we see Santana and Ortiz entering the building.

Santana and Ortiz vs. John Silver and Alex Reynolds

Santana and Silver get things going, Santana with an enziguri to the face, diving back elbow in the corner. Ortiz tags in, powerbomb right into a kick to the face from Santana. Santana then clears out Reynolds on the floor. Ortiz with a couple back scratches and taunts his opponent a bit. He lifts Silver up, Santana to the top rope for the street sweeper, cover, and we’re done here.

Winners: Santana and Ortiz via Pinfall

– Backstage, AEW World Champion Chris Jericho claps it up for his guys. He says they are going to continue to dominate and run through everyone. Jericho says Santana and Ortiz want The Young Bucks

– Vignette for Cody, Brandi Rhodes says he’s one of the most intense people she’s ever met and knew when he accepted the title match against Jericho that he would “go away” to get prepared for it. Jim Ross talks about how Cody has to balance the upcoming match and his EVP duties, while Jericho can solely focus on the match. We hear more from DDP, Tony Schiavone, and MJF. Clips are shown of Cody training. MJF says this title match means everything to Cody.

Riho (c) vs. Britt Baker (AEW Women’s World Championship)

Britt Baker still sporting a black eye from Bea Priestley’s attack on last week’s show. Commentary noted she didn’t want make to cover it up, so she could be reminded of what happened. Baker with a couple arm drags. Baker looks for her lockjaw submission, but Riho gets to the ropes. Baker charges in, eats a couple forearms. Riho heads up to the top, but Baker follows, looks for a superplex, gets punched back. Riho with a crossbody, Baker rolls with it for a pin, Riho bridges up and out of the pin, then hits a low dropkick.

Baker hits a back elbow, Riho rolls Baker up and hits a double stomp to the midsection. Baker with a slingblade, Riho hits a forearm, Baker hits a TKO, single leg dropkick, cover, two. Riho tries for a couple pin attempts, no luck. Match has not be very clean with some of these exchanges. Baker with a swinging neckbreaker, kick to the face, pin, two and a half! Riho lands a few palm strikes, Baker punches her in the face, Riho with a northern lights suplex, two. Riho with a single leg boston crab, Baker gets close to the ropes, but Riho drags her back to the middle of the ring.

Baker gets to the ropes, Riho with a double stomp off the top rope to the back, pin, two. Double knee strike to the back of the head, cover, two. Riho charges in, misses and runs into the turnbuckle. Baker with a ripcord elbow strike, Baker goes for lockjaw again, tries for the mandible claw, Riho fights it off at first, Baker tries for it again, Riho rolls back and gets the sneaky 1-2-3!

Winner: Riho via pinfall to retain the AEW Women’s World Title.

– Post-match, Baker doesn’t look happy, but puts out her hand. Riho shakes it, celebrates a bit, and heads off.

– Commentary says Christopher Daniels suffered a stinger after getting a package piledriver on the ramp from Pentagon Jr.

Lucha Bros vs. Jurassic Express (AEW Tag Team Tournament Match)

Stunt and Pentagon get things going, Pentagon gives him “Cero Miedo” with a shove. Stunt then shoves him back and dances a bit. Pentagon takes the glove off and throws it at Jungle Boy. He gives stunt “Cero Miedo” and Stunt bites his fingers. Jungle Boy gets in lifts Stunt on his shoulders, he leaps off and hits a hurricanrana on Pentagon. Stunt tries to do the same to Pentagon, he throws him off and over to Fenix, but Stunt hits a DDT on him. Jungle Boy hits a DDT on Pentagon Jr. Stunt with a suicide dive out to the floor on Fenix. Jungle Boy with an asai moonsault on Pentagon. Back in the ring, Jungle Boy lifts and flips Stunt down on Pentagon, cover, two.

Jungle Boy tags in, Stunt kicks Pentagon in the head, Jungle Boy with a german suplex, cover, two. Pentagon throw into the corner, Stunt tagged in, runs at Pentagon and eats a superkick. Jungle Boy gets a thrust kick to the face. Fenix tagged in, rolls in and eats a knee. Fenix chops both Stunt and his partner. Fenix dances on the ropes, hits an enziguri to Stunt (who was sitting on the top rope) and then arm drags Jungle Boy all in one motion! Fenix with a twisting splash out to the floor on Jungle Boy.

In the ring, Stunt eats a big pump handle driver, pin, two. Pentagon argue with the ref for a moment. Pentagon with a big kick that flips Stunt down to the mat, barks at the ref again, and kicks Stunt again. Split-screen break and Pentagon is just beating Stunt the entire time. Stunt lands a kick, kip-up, low dropkick lands. Both Jungle Boy and Fenix are tagged in. Jungle Boy rising elbow on Jungle Boy, reverse DDT on Pentagon Jr. Stunt with a suicide dive on Pentagon. Jungle Boy with a back flipping knee strike on Fenix. Stunt with a 450 splash off the top rope, running shooting star press by Jungle Boy, cover, two.

Pentagon gets in there with a canadian destroyer on Jungle Boy. Pentagon in swings Stunt around by the hair and drops him to the mat. Pentagon with the arm breaker and snaps Stunt’s arm, package piledriver/double stomp combo, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Lucha Bros advance to the semi-finals.

– Jon Moxley says one injury isn’t going to keep him down, the pecking order is still him at the top. Says he wants to mount Kenny Omega’s head on his wall.

PAC and Jon Moxley vs. “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega

Today is Omega’s birthday, crowd with a “Happy Birthday” chant. PAC and Moxley turn their backs and Omega / Page immediately attack. Moxley and Omega getting things started, multiple chops from both wrestlers in the corner. Page and PAC still fighting on the floor. Back in the ring, PAC tags in, eats a kotaro crusher. Moxley able to tag in through and chokes Omega with his boot in the corner.

Page and Moxley meet at the top rope, Page shoves him down, lariat, cover, two. Moxley on the apron, eats a boot from Page, Page goes to the top rope and gets distracted by PAC. Moxley shoves Page off and he lands back first on the apron! PAC and Moxley in firm control of the match at this point. Moxley with a Texas cloverleaf, but Omega breaks it up. PAC sends Omega to the outside. Page ends up on the apron, boots Moxley, buckshot lariat misses, discus lariat hits on Moxley.

Omega with a flip over the top to the floor, Moxley with a suicide dive taking out both PAC and Omega, Page heads up for a moonsault off the top rope on PAC and Moxley! Omega with an elbow in the corner, lariat by Page on PAC. Omega with a buckle bomb, rolling elbow and running shooting star press, cover, Moxley breaks it up. Crowd with a “this is awesome!” chant. Omega pops Moxley with a v-trigger. PAC with a springboard cutter on Omega. Pump kick to Page, but PAC gets dumped to the floor and Page hits him hard with a suicide dive.

Moxley and Omega face off in the ring and start swinging. Knees by Omega, headbutt and a massive lariat by Moxley that turns Omega inside out. Both Omega and Moxley go under the ring and grab some barbed wire wrapped weapons. The ref gets chased off to the outside and checks on Page/PAC, Moxley smacks Omega with the bat. PAC comes in and is mad that Moxley is using a weapon in this match, he takes the bat and throws it (looks like he cut his finger in the process). Moxley ends up flipping PAC off, hits a double arm DDT and leaves. PAC slowly gets up and turns around right into a buckshot lariat. Omega with a v-trigger, Page hits dead eye, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega via Pinfall

– Next week’s matches:

* Private Party vs. Lucha Bros (AEW Tag Team Tournament Semis)
* SoCal Uncensored vs. Dark Order (AEW Tag Team Tournament Semis)
* Britt Baker in action
* The Young Bucks in action
* PAC vs. Jon Moxley

Chris Jericho (c) vs. Darby Allin (Philadelphia Street Fight for the AEW World Championship)

Allin off to a quick start, using his agility to outpace Jericho. Allin drops Jericho out on the floor, throws him back in the ring, Jericho with a kick to slow Allin down. Jericho with chops in the corner, clothesline to the back of the head. Allin lands some strikes, yoshi tonic for a two-count. Allin looks for something and ends up eating a big clothesline. Jericho then sends Allin into the corner and Allin ends up spinning through the ropes, landing hard out on the floor.

Jericho tries his hand at Allin’s skateboard out on the floor. Back in the ring, Jericho uses a kendo stick on Allin, but he recovers, drops Jericho, cover, two. Allin clocks Jericho with a couple kendo stick shots, rolls him up, hits a springboard crossbody back down on Jericho for a two-count. Allin locks in a fujiwara armbar, Jericho reverses into a walls of Jericho. Allin able to break the rope, Jericho and Edwards jaw a bit, Allin hits Jericho with a kendo stick, crossbody off the top rope, cover, two. Jericho hits codebreaker on Allin, cover, Allin gets the rope again. Commentary noted rope breaks are allowed in this match at the beginning. Jericho grabs a chair and jams it into Allin’s midsection.

Jericho with a boston crab, Allin gets to the ropes again. Jericho grabs some tape and tapes Allin’s hands behind his back. Jericho fakes throwing the tape to the crowd and just drops it to the floor. Jericho slaps Allin and few times and just throws him around the ring. Allin dodges Jericho and hits a second rope no handed moonsault! Cover only gets two though.

Dropkick by Allin, Jericho out to the floor, Allin with a senton suicide dive! Back in the ring, Allin climbs to the top rope, twisting senton, cover, two! Jericho drops Allin, then powerbombs him on the skateboard, pin, two-count. Chairshot misses by Jericho, Allin kicks the chair in Jericho’s face. Allin goes back to the top rope again, referee checking on Jericho, but Jake Hager sneaks in and punches Allin right in the face. Jericho locks in his boston crab again and Allin verbally taps.

Winner: Chris Jericho via submission to retain the AEW World Title.

– Post-match, the rest of the Inner Circle head out to the ring to celebrate. They crack open a little bit of the bubbly as Jericho celebrates with the title in hand.

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