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– Both Private Party and Lucha Bros already in the ring as the show gets started.

Private Party vs. Lucha Bros (AEW Tag Team Tournament Match)

Fast paced right from the start with Lucha Bros initially getting the best of Private Party. Big chops by Fenix and Pentagon. Private Party recovers multiple double team moves, leg sweep into a double stomp to the back of the head by Quen. Fenix out on the floor and Quen hits a massive leap down, taking him out. Kassidy in the ring with Pentagon, enziguri. Kassidy with the silly string into a hurricanrana on Pentagon.

Quen with a 450 splash, cover, two. Fenix gets involved and lands a massive double stomp to the back of Quen’s back. Quen gets put in the corner, Pentagon with a double stomp. Fenix with a step up moonsault all the way down to the floor on Kassidy. Pentagon with a pumphandle slam in the middle of the ring, cover, two-count. Crowd is hot for this one as both teams are going all out. “AEW” chant ringing out.

Back in the ring, Fenix tries for a hurricanrana, Quen lands on his feet and flops back to tag out. Kassidy drops Fenix, ends up on the floor, but sweeps Pentagon down to the floor. Kassidy with a springboard reverse rana, suicide dive out to Pentagon. Kassidy fights off Fenix, then hits a moonsault to drop Pentagon again! Crowd is very split for this one. Kassidy flips back into the ring, goes for a pin, two. Multiple double team moves on Fenix, stunner into a low superkick. Quen heads to the top, big shooting star press, but Fenix kicks out. Fenix plants Kassidy, swings away, punches Quen, then hits a gory bomb/leg drop on both members of Private Party!

Pentagon tags in, slingblade on Quen, powerbomb on to his knee on Kassidy. Private Party hit their finisher, but it wasn’t on the legal man, they went for it again on Pentagon, but he counter the cutter into a canadian destroy. Kassidy dumped to the floor, Fenix with a double stomp on Quen, Pentagon snaps his arm, package piledriver/double stomp combo on Queen, cover, 1-2-3! Those guys didn’t stop that entire match, crowd was into it the entire time.

Winners: Pentagon Jr. and Fenix win via pinfall to advance to the finals.

– Vignette for Wardlow with clips of him working out in the gym and training.

SCU (Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian) vs. The Dark Order (AEW Tag Team Tournament Match)

Grayson and Kazarian start things off, Kazarian really slow out of the gate as Grayson and then Uno go after him. Kazarian finally able to get the tag, Sky gets in and lands a big dropkick, cover, two. Grayson and Uno double team Sky, cover, two. Sky explodes out of the corner with a lariat, another one, Uno with a kick to Sky’s back, but Sky punches him off the apron. Kazarian back in there, Sky with a running elbow, Kazarian with a dropkick, kip up.

On the outside Uno sends Sky right into the steel steps while the ref was distracted, he throws Sky back into the ring, cover, two. Dark Order hold control for most of the commercial break. Chops in the corner on Sky. The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Santana, and Ortiz) make their way through the crowd, apparently they weren’t going to be here tonight, but Jericho has tickets. They make their way up to some seats way up high.

Action in the ring continues throughout their entrance with SCU finally getting some steam. Kazarian with a springboard leg drop, kicks Uno to the floor. Swinging neckbreaker on Grayson, cover, two. Camera cuts to Jericho who yells, “Come on Dark Order!” Kazarian goes up top, but Grayson follows him, Kazarian knocks him down, but Uno then hits the ropes to drop Kazarian. Grayson with a rising knee strike on Sky, release german suplex right into Kazarian, pin, two-count.

Kazarian lifted on Grayson’s shoulders, he launched him into Uno who powerbombs Kazarian for a two-count. “SCU” chants a couple times during this match. Kazarian tags Sky, back stabber on Uno, Sky with a springboard cutter. Kazarian with a cutter on Grayson. Double dragon sleepers locked in on Uno and Grayson. Grayson shoves Kazarian into Uno/Sky to break everything up.

Grayson goes up top, walks on the shoulders of Uno and then Aubrey Edwards/Sky to kick Kazarian! Grayson with a crazy flip over the corner and down to the floor on Kazarian. Uno and Sky in the ring, Uno lifts, twist, and plants Sky to the mat, cover, two. Kazarian with a slingshot DDT. Crowd really warming up to this match now. Uno gets slammed down on the apron. Sky lifts and twists Grayson right into a big knee by Kazarian (C-U-Later), cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: SCU via pinfall to advance to the finals.

Kenny Omega vs. Joey Janela

Omega is announced as the AAA Mega Champion, but he doesn’t wear the title out. Omega and Janela trade wristlocks, Janela with an arm drag, but runs into an elbow. Janela ends up on the apron, Omega with a big kick to the face, another one that sends Janela out to the floor. Omega with a crossbody to the floor, clearing out Janela. The Inner Circle still looking on from their private suite.

“F— ’em up Kenny, f— ’em up!” chant rings out. Back in the ring, Janela with a couple running elbows in the corner. Janela heads up top, Omega launches him off, but Janela rolls through, low dropkick sends Omega out to the floor. Janela climbs to the top, big crossbody that takes out Omega. Omega drop Janela to the mat, Omega looks for a second rope moonsault, knees up. Omega recovers hits two snap dragon suplexes. Omega looks for a third one, Janela gives him an elbow, then hits his own german suplex, sending Omega into the bottom turnbuckle.

Janela heads to the top, elbow drop, cover, two. Omega is put up on the top turnbuckle pad, Janela climbs up, taunts, Omega lifts and drops him face-first on the top pad. Snap drag suplex, running knee to the face, cover, two. V-trigger attempt, no, german suplex on Omega. They trade big strikes in the middle of the ring, Janela with a fisherman’s buster. Big lariat by Janela, cover, two-count, very close. Camera has cut to The Inner Circle multiple times during this match. Omega rolls to the apron, Janela up top and goes for a senton, nobody in the pool, Janela crashes hard. Omega with a huge v-trigger, Janela sells it like he’s totally out flopping backwards over the second rope, one winged angel hits, cover, and we’re done here.

Winner: Kenny Omega via Pinfall

– Cody heads out to the ring to talk with Tony Schiavone about AEW World Champion Chris Jericho and Full Gear. Cody goes to talk and The Inner Circle start blowing air horns. Cody has an announcement, but Jericho gets on a mic and yells “Boo!” Cody says it’s nice that they bought tickets, but it’s not like WWE where there’s an invisible wall. He could steps through the ropes, come up there, and they could fight. Jericho tells Pittsburgh to shut their mouths. Jericho says tells Cody to stay in the ring where it’s safe, because he knows Cody isn’t gonna come up there because he’s a coward, and just an “entitled millennial b—-.”

Cody then takes his coat off and goes to head over the barricade, then stops. Jericho reminds him it’s 4-1 and tells him to get out of here. Dustin Rhodes’ music hits and he comes out to the stage. MJF’s music hit and out he rolls. Jericho isn’t impressed by big brother “and somebody who wears a scarf! Who the hell wears a scarf?” DDP’s music then hits and he joins MJF and Dustin. All four then head up to the suite, Jericho yells that they better not take another step. The Inner Circle heads into a back room and locks the door. There’s a big glass window on the door though, MJF wraps his scarf around Cody’s hand and he punches out the window!

Action spills out to the concession area. Jericho grabs a guy’s crutch and swings it at Cody. Cody shoves Jericho’s face in some Dippin’ Dots. Garbage cans are flying as security runs in to get some control. Jericho holds up his ticket and says he’s allowed to be there. Security ends up moving Cody and Co. out of the area as Jericho yells on and on about his ticket. Jericho is acting like a big baby as he complains some more. He then gathers his troops and yells at the camera a bit (we’re on split-screen commercial now, so no audio). Cody also never got to say very much in the ring or reveal his announcement.

– Before Young Bucks vs. Best Friends get going, Cassidy walks between Matt and Nick’s entrance in the ring. They shove him, he ends up giving both light low superkicks. They give him a double superkick, sending Cassidy out of the ring.

Best Friends (with Orange Cassidy) vs. The Young Bucks

Trent and Nick get things rolling, Trent misses some strikes, kick by Nick, another kick sends Taylor to the floor. Nick with a facebuster on trent, then a moonsault off the apron to put Taylor down. Matt gets tagged in and they go to town on Best Friend, they mock them by doing a hug in the middle of the ring. Action spills out on the floor, people getting thrown into the barricade. Taylor gets Nick up on his shoulders, Trent with a doomsday knee. Taylor waves and says “Hi, mom!” to the camera.

Matt lands a crazy flipping stunner off the second rope. Things end up on the floor, Cassidy gets Matt’s attention for a moment, Trent with a dropkick thanks to the very slow distraction. Trent taking control of the match as we head to break. Nick looks for 450 splash, nobody home, Trent with a german suplex. Matt tags in and eats one himself. Trent tries for another on Nick, he lands on his feet and kicks Trent, but Trent ends up hitting another german suplex. Taylor in there hits belly-to-belly release suplexes on both Bucks. Taylor with standing slice break on Nick, sitdown powerbomb on Matt, cover, two.

Bucks throw Taylor into the corner, Taylor avoids one guy, throws them into each other, falcon arrow hits, cover, two. Taylor yells “Nobody kicks out of the falcon arrow!” Taylor heads to the top, Matt stops that, goes up, Trent follows super release german suplex. Soul food/half-and-half suplex on Nick, they hug in the middle of the ring and people go nuts. They hug the referee, Cassidy with his hands in his pockets, leaps off the top rope and takes out both bucks. Matt gets planted to the ring, cover, Nick with a double stomp on Trent to break that up. Nick ends up on the floor, Taylor tags in, lifts Matt on his shoulder, Trent with the knee doomsday device, but Matt lands on his feet. Superkick party breaks out. Nick with the step-up crossbody on both Cassidy and Trent out to the floor. Matt and Nick hit More Bang for Your Buck, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Young Bucks via Pinfall

– Matt gets on the mic and yells “Santana! Ortiz! We accept!” The two teams will meet at Full Gear on November 9.

– Vignette for Britt Baker, she talks about Pittsburgh being her home, a place she studied to be a dentist and learned to be a pro wrestler. Says it’ll all come full circle tonight, “Welcome to Brittsburgh.”

Britt Baker vs. Jaime Hayter

Baker comes out with the Pittsburgh Steelers’ mascot and waves a terrible towel when she gets to the ring. Fans surrounding the ring have towels, too. Hater charges in and swings away, Baker turns her around and swings away. Hayter then suplexes Baker into the bottom turnbuckle, knees her down to the floor. “Brittsburgh” chant breaks out as Hayter sends Baker into the ring post and then the barricade. Baker with a slingbade on the floor, then tosses her opponent back in the ring. Hayter recovers though and hammers away on Baker, Baker goes for a couple roll-ups, both two. Hayter gains control of the match as we go to break. Hayter jams her finger into Baker’s ear, then chokes Baker over the second rope.

Hayter trying to choke out Baker, but Baker drives her down to the mat. Baker eats an elbow, but hits a running knee, misdirection, slingblade, cover, two. Running knee strike by Hayter, cover, two. Hayter with an eye gouge. Hayter goes up, but Baker follows up, and hits a suplex on Hayter. Superkick lands on Hayter, ace crusher, swinging neckbreaker, cover, two. Baker with a superkick to the face, lockjaw is applied, mandible claw! Hayter quickly taps.

Winner: Britt Baker via Submission

– Commentary says Cody is in a “holding facility” after what happened earlier tonight.

– Backstage, Jamie Hayter goes to talk with Jen Decker about the loss. Brandi Rhodes comes out of nowhere and shoves the hell out of Hayter. Jen says “Brandi?!” and touches her on the arm. Brandi stares at her with a really angered look, almost wanting to attack Decker, and then heads off.

– Before Moxley and PAC can even get going, PAC hammers Moxley with a chair. PAC then chokes Moxley with his own jacket as the crowd goes off with an “a-hole” chant. PAC sends Moxley into the barricade. Referees asking Moxley if he can still do the match, he makes his way into the ring and the bell rings.

PAC vs. Jon Moxley

Moxley can barely stand, PAC with an enziguri, heads to the top rope, but Moxley rolls to the outside. Moxley still stunned, PAC with a twisting tope on Moxley. Moxley sent back into the ring, cover, two. Moxley lifts, drives PAC to the corner, lands multiple kicks, but is still out of it. PAC with multiple kicks, single leg dropkick, pin, two. PAC continues to beat up Moxley as we go to break. Moxley gets driven off the apron and into the barricade.

PAC brings him back into the ring, cover, two. The two end up on the apron, Moxley ends up driving PAC down head first on the apron at a nasty angle. Both make their way into the ring. Moxley sent into the corner, runs out and hits a lariat and another one. PAC with a spinning heel kick, Moxley returns fire with a lariat that flips PAC. Moxley with a release suplex, pin, two-count.

PAC gets sent out to the floor, Moxley with a suicide dive on his opponent. Moxley tosses him back into the ring. We have five minutes of TV time left in this match. Moxley hits blackhole, cover, two. Moxley hits a running knee, pin, two. He then locks for a texas cloverleaf. PAC then grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. Moxley then heads to the top rope, PAC hits the top rope and Moxley gets crotched on the top rope. PAC heads up and hits a super falcon arrow, cover, two. Down to two minutes.

Moxley on the floor, PAC with a kick to the face, 450 splash off the apron to the floor! PAC throws Moxley into the ring, goes up top, black arrow, nobody home! One minute remaining and both men are down. Moxley slowly claws over to a downed PAC, pin, two. Both are stumbling around, Moxley hits paradigm shift, but is having a tough time get to PAC. The time ticks down, he pins PAC, but it’s only two! Time runs out!

Match ends in a time draw.

– Post-match, Moxley is pissed off. He yells at the referee and drops him with a DDT. Another referee comes out, but Moxley stomps at him, and he doesn’t bother getting in the ring. “Time limit my ass” Moxley says a few times? with PAC barely awake?as the show closes.