AEW Dynamite will be broadcast in France on the "Toonami" channel starting Tuesday, November 5th (h/t to Catch au Quotidien). According to WarnerMedia France, the show will be broadcast every Tuesday at 21:00, six days after the broadcast in the United States.

All previous episodes will be broadcast on Toonami's Youtube channel next Thursday, October 31st.

Wrestling Inc. was on hand for a media call with AEW Vice President Cody Rhodes earlier this month. During the call, Cody discussed securing television deals in Europe.

"We don't want to leave anybody out, " Rhodes said. "One of the things about having a major cable carrier cover this company is that the international deals are very hard to navigate and they are beyond my depth as an EVP. But we have the right people in place because we want the product everywhere: Germany, France, and the smaller European countries.

"Right now, with FITE TV, I know that there are some places excluded and left out, but we're doing everything we can to get what they call in production 'ignitions' to all these countries. And I'll do everything in my power because it was always my goal for everyone to see. We don't have a network subscription service just yet so we're working with the tools we have."

As previously reported, it was announced this week that AEW Dynamite will air in Germany on Fridays on TNT at 21:50 local time.

You can view the announcement from WarnerMedia France below:

Pierrick H. contributed to this article.