Kia Stevens (also known as the legendary “Awesome Kong” to wrestling fans around the world) was a recent guest on Women’s Wrestling Weekly. During the discussion, Kia opened up about the stealthy way All Elite Wrestling got her into Las Vegas for Double Or Nothing back in May.

“Only three people on the Earth knew that I was going to be there. We snuck me into the airport, we were seriously incognito with glasses. People at the check-in desk thought that I was acting ‘super’,” Kia explained. “We got in, we did the deal; I was nervous and I hadn’t put on the Kong gear in for eons. I hadn’t summoned her. She’s a real person – Kong is real and I hadn’t summoned her in a while. I was in the bathroom? It was a whole process.”

Kia went into greater detail about how she first heard about AEW, noting that it was mostly by accident that she stumbled upon their All In event in Chicago last September. The production value impressed Kong enough that she made sure to reach out to be a part of what the promotion had planned for future shows.

“My agent, Brian Wittenstein, who’s both in the Hollywood world and in the wrestling world called and said, ‘You know, they have this idea’. And I’m like, ‘Well, yes!’ I happened to be in Chicago when they did All In, which is a funny story in itself. I didn’t know anything about it because I hadn’t been immersed in it – the wrestling world, so I was doing Starrcast and they said everyone is going to the show, and I was thinking that it was just some random indie show,” Kia added. “I get there and they are at the Sears Centre and the production value is out of this world. I’m like, ‘Wait, I need to be a part of this next time. Someone needs to ask me next time’ and they did. I’m glad they did. Backstage, the harmony is there. People are working, people are getting paid, people are getting medical, people are happy, and people want to come in and work hard.”

Kia explained how she began training harder for her in-ring return without trying to make it obvious to the people in her life that she was becoming Awesome Kong again.

“I hyped up my cardio [only] because I felt like I couldn’t go to anybody’s ring because they would figure out [I’m making a return],” Kia stated. “One person kind of figured it out by me just asking questions, ‘Why? What are you doing?’ I prepared as best I could since it was secret.”

Kia didn’t want to reveal the exact plans that AEW has in store for her character, however, she is confident that they’re putting together the greatest female roster pro wrestling has ever seen.

“If I say [what’s next], it kind of spills the beans,” Kia said. “I will tell you this: after AEW happened, I’m like, it might be possible to put together the greatest female roster ever seen? I just want people to be happy. There are so many unhappy people and I know you can’t please everyone.”

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