Rey Mysterio and Cain Velasquez recently spoke with The New York Post to promote Cain’s WWE in-ring debut against WWE Champion Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on Thursday.

It was noted that fans should not expect to see too much of the acrobatic style Cain displayed in his first pro wrestling matches with AAA. Instead, it was said that fans will see more of the man that became a two-time former UFC Heavyweight Champion. Cain is currently adjusting to WWE’s style of wrestling, but it was noted that this does not mean we’ve seen the last of Cain’s hurricanranas, jumps off the middle rope, and other high-flying moves.

“Taking the match to the MMA side now is my strong suit and that’s what I have to do,” said Velasquez, who noted he’s also working on taking his time more in the ring. “But still learning the game, the WWE style as well.”

Cain also said he’s working on taking his time more in the ring. He said he plans to put together all of his training as he gains more experience, and even will use some MMA moves that he never got to do in the UFC Octagon because they weren’t the best way to win a fight.

“I think in the future for me when I get a little more comfortable with this is to incorporate everything, everything that you can do in combat sports, the MMA, the WWE style of wrestling and also adding the lucha in there as well,” said Velasquez.

Cain has officially retired from MMA competition but it was noted that he continues to train with his AKA team.

A big topic coming out of this last week’s RAW was how Cain received a very mixed reaction from the crowd after going at it with Shelton Benjamin in the ring. Rey said he believes Cain will earn the respect from the WWE fans once they see what he can do in the ring. Rey said WWE fans will be “mesmerized” by Cain’s in-ring skills.

“For those who don’t know who he is, they will soon find out who he is because what he brought into the octagon every time he stepped in there is gonna be 10 times better when he gets in a WWE ring and faces Brock Lesnar for the first time,” Rey said.

We noted before that Cain had been in regular talks with New Japan Pro Wrestling, AEW and WWE. Cain said he went with WWE because like with UFC in MMA, when “you think of the best in pro wrestling you think of WWE.”

Cain also admitted that a program with Lesnar was a factor in signing with WWE. “Those thoughts for it being personal are there,” he added.

Velasquez believes he’s the underdog in the feud with The Beast because of Lesnar’s WWE accomplishments.

“That makes me more hungry to go out there and show him that he just can’t go around and picking on people,” Cain said. “This s–t has to stop.”

Regarding his WWE future, Cain told The Post that he hasn’t given much thought to what his role in WWE will be after Crown Jewel. He admitted that winning the WWE Title would change a lot of things, but he’s taking a “wait-and-see approach” right now to whether or not he will be a regular Superstar on TV, or if he will be a special attraction.

“I think the more I get comfortable with this, the more you’ll see me,” said Velasquez, who is currently signed to a three-year WWE contract.