There are few people on the planet who can say they legitimately beat up Brock Lesnar but Cain Velasquez is one of them. He gave Lesnar his first knockout loss in UFC and also took Lesnar’s UFC Heavyweight Championship.

Velasquez recalled that meeting with Lesnar in the octagon when he joined the Not Sam Roberts Podcast.

“For me, it’s just an honor for me to do that. In 2010, that fight meant everything to me. I knew what Brock Lesnar had; I knew that we had the antidote to beat him. I just knew that I can go in and do what I needed to do,” said Velasquez who earned UFC’s Knockout of the Night for stopping Lesnar in the first round of UFC 121.

Velasquez made his pro wrestling debut earlier this year in AAA where he also delivered a hurricanrana which is a move even veteran wrestlers struggle with. He talked about that move and who helped teach it to him.

“I’ve seen it done a lot. Before I did that Triple-A show, the night before Psycho Clown had me do it really quickly,” revealed Velasquez. “The way that I learned is that if somebody can do it and gives me the gist and I was like, ‘well, Psycho, show me how it’s done.’ So he did it really quickly and then I did it and then I inputted it into the show.”

WWE does a great job of highlighting a performer’s strengths in the ring and covering up their weaknesses. Velasquez was asked if he has any holes in the ring after transitioning from mixed martial arts.

“I would say there is; I am very green in this sport. I haven’t done it for so long but I’m training and I am trying to learn as much as I can and that is the name of the game, even with fighting. But yes, I am trying to learn the sport just like I know I did with MMA,” stated Velasquez.

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.