Cain Velasquez Reveals Length Of WWE Contract, Talks Conor McGregor In WWE

As seen above, Rey Mysterio and Cain Velasquez recently spoke with while the two were in New York City doing media. We've noted how Cain recently inked a multi-year deal with WWE, said to be a very lucrative contract. Cain revealed in this interview that he signed a three-year deal.


Cain was asked how his training is going and he said it's been amazing working with Rey and learning the ropes, and he's ready for the in-ring debut against WWE Champion Brock Lesnar at WWE Crown Jewel next Thursday. Rey was asked how Cain is doing in the ring.

"He's doing awesome," Rey said "He's disciplined, he's the first guy in the gym, and he's the last one to leave. He's just a natural. There's nothing that I can teach him that he doesn't already know. I'm just kind of guiding him as much as I can. Cain is going to do awesome, another scar on Brock's face."

Cain was also asked about the transition from MMA to pro wrestling, and if he has more respect for WWE now. Cain said everyone at WWE has been amazing.


"Definitely a lot of respect," Cain said. "The guys at WWE, amazing professionals, amazing athletes. For me, I get to do a lot of stuff I have been doing my whole career, like collegiate wrestling, also the MMA. I still get to do a lot of the techniques I've done in MMA, so that's good."

To play up the storyline with Rey and his son Dominick, Cain insisted the feud with Lesnar is personal because of how The Beast recently attacked Rey and his son. Cain said he's going to Crown Jewel to beat Brock's ass. Cain was asked about Lesnar and if the match is business or personal given their history.

"Nah, it's personal, man. It's personal," Cain declared. "Him going in, hurting Rey and then going in and to start hurting his son Dominick. Like, forget that, man. I'm done with that. So this is personal. I'm going in there to beat his ass."

Rey was asked about his own shape and how he's doing physically. Rey said he feels great and had been on a roll until Lesnar put him on the shelf. He also mentioned how Lesnar took away his opportunity against WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins, and then crossed a boundary by hurting his son, and now Cain is going to "whoop his ass" once again for payback.

The interviewer also asked about boxer Tyson Fury coming to WWE to face Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel.


"Yeah, it's crazy," Mysterio said. "It's crazy just to see that interaction between him and Braun. You got two big men going at it, toe to toe. Is it going to go to blows, or is it going to go to the mat? That's the question."

There's been a lot of talk about Cain working the main event for his first WWE match. Cain was asked how training has been with just a short time for his first WWE match, and if he feels like he will be ready for the main event.

"Definitely, yeah," Cain said. "Yeah, you know, the WWE brought me in to face Brock, you know what I mean, so I'm here to take care of business. Training with Rey, obviously there's always something I can learn. I'm still very new to this sport but I'm only going to get better as time goes on."

Cain was then asked if he wants a longer future in WWE, and that's when he revealed the three-year deal.

"Yeah, I'll be here for the next 3 years for sure," Cain responded. "And as I get better and better as I'm going to keep doing this. I love it, so I'm going to keep doing it. Yep."

Cain and Rey were also asked about Conor McGregor returning to UFC. Cain praised Conor for his in-ring skills and his promo skills, and said what he does for the sport of MMA is amazing, even when he's not fighting. They were asked if Conor could ever come to WWE, and they both said "never say never."


Cain added, "I think he's be great. Again, he's a great showman, a great athlete, so why not?"