As seen in the video above, AEW World Champion Chris Jericho appeared on the KTLA 5 Morning News show in Los Angeles earlier this week.

Jericho was asked about what makes AEW stand out from WWE. He said they are completely different. He also touted how last week's AEW Dynamite premiere was the highest-rated debut for TNT in 5 years.

"Well, completely different," Jericho said when asked what is distinct between the two promotions. "It's a brand new company, backed by the owners of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and we just debuted on Wednesday, last Wednesday, on the TNT Network, to what was the highest-debuted show in 5 years for the network. A huge hit. It's something different. People are excited because for the first time in 20 years there's an alternative to the WWE, and it's new, and it's exciting, and it's fresh, it's fun."

Jericho was also asked how AEW is better for him. He talked about the role he plays with AEW and the viewers, and said it's a cool time for the business.

"Well, for me, I'm kind of the bridge that brings people from, maybe they don't know what AEW is, but they know Chris Jericho. 'We like this guy, we enjoy his legacy.' So, when they come and watch me on the show, then they see all these other great performers that they've never watched. So, for me it's a chance to do something, build something up from scratch, which has never happened in our lifetime for the wrestling business. It's a really cool time for the business. We have created a whole buzz for wrestling now, to where it's becoming cool again, and more specifically, AEW is cool," he said.