At the first WWE SmackDown on FOX, Kofi Kingston lost the WWE Championship to Brock Lesnar in ten seconds. Since losing the title, many WWE stars praised his championship run on Twitter.

Dolph Ziggler tweeted, "Nothing but respect for the champ. Hell of a run."

Daniel Bryan wrote, "#ThankYouKofi for giving me one my favorite career moments. Sad to see his reign end the way it did. I lost my first WHC in 18 seconds, and came away more determined (and angry!) because of it. I'm sure @TrueKofi will do the same. Respect... Always. BUT #StillMadYouBeatMe."

NXT star Johnny Gargano tweeted, "I'll elaborate on the wording of my prior Tweet.. @TrueKofi is the best of us. He is the prime example of a dude with a contagious work ethic and energy. In a world filled with people constantly trying to bring you down.. he's "one of the good ones" that actually raise you up."

WWE's official Twitter tweeted, "#ThankYouKofi Thank you for everything."

Fellow New Day member Xavier Woods wrote, "In my opinion, @TrueKofi created the greatest Wrestlemania moment of all time. Tonight his title reign was ended by a man who cares nothing for other people, he is wreckless, and he disgusts me. Now begins the hustle to bring that WWE heavyweight championship back to the New Day."

Rusev tweeted, "Kofi is one of the greatest World Champs in history!"

Below are their tweets: