"Controversy Creates Cash" is the name of Eric Bischoff's 2006 autobiography, and no one knows about that saying better than the former WWE SmackDown Executive Director, who is already capitalizing off his recent WWE departure.

As seen below, Bischoff has released new t-shirts through his Pro Wrestling Tees store, poking fun at his recent WWE departure.

You can read our latest report on Bischoff's WWE release at this link.

One t-shirt takes the logo from Bischoff's "83 Weeks" podcast and says "83" days in reference to his quick run with the company. Another shirt includes a moving truck for a "Bischoff Moving Company" with the slogan, "We'll Get You There and Back Again." As noted, Bischoff moved his family from their property in Wyoming to Connecticut to be closer to WWE HQ in Stamford when he took the job as SmackDown Executive Director. The third shirt says "You Can Find Me In Catering" in a reference to backstage sources that claimed Bischoff could often be found in catering at SmackDown events.

Bischoff's official Twitter account for the podcast tweeted the t-shirt designs and wrote, "When Life Hands You Lemons... Make Lemonade T-Shirts."

You can see the full tweet below: