Finn Balor recently spoke with TV Insider to promote tonight's WWE NXT episode, which will feature the fallout from last week's big heel turn. Balor said he's not just a part of the NXT brand, he is the NXT brand because no one is watching when he's away.

"I'm not part of this brand. I am the brand," Finn said. "When Finn's gone, nobody is watching. When Finn's there, everybody is watching. We talk about Johnny Gargano, the heart of NXT. He is this NXT darling. He was champion for 57 days. Finn Bálor was champion for 292 days, so if the heart of NXT was a 57-day champ, there are some big issues."

Balor believes the attitude change and the heel turn was a long time coming. He said he now feels re-born, channeling real frustration with how WWE has used him. Balor said the shackles were on for way too long, but now they are completely off.

"The shackles have been on for way too long," Balor said. "I kind of been put in a little box, locked in this cage and being this one-trick pony. The shackles are completely off. I'm going to go back to what I like to do, which is just being myself and going out there no holds barred and have a little fun."

Balor did not give a clear answer when asked if we will see The Demon again, but he did say we're about to see a new side of him, and it's going to be a wild ride.

"You're about to see a whole new side of Finn. I'm not going to give you any spoilers, but it's going to be a wild ride," Balor teased. He continued, "...It's easier for the mice to dance when the cats are away. It feels like things are a bit out of control. It feels more the wild, wild west. There is a new sheriff in town. The prince is back, so we'll see how things develop in the next couple of weeks."