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- Opening video hyping Impacting Wrestling.

- Josh Mathews and Don Callis in the ring to promote the premiere episode on AXS TV. They talk about Cage vs. Callihan's Steel Cage mach, which will be tonight's main event.

Marufuji vs. Josh Alexander (with Ethan Page)

Back and forth leads to a stalemate. Side headlock by Alexander, reversed into a couple pinning attempts, but no luck. Alexander with a big chop to the chest, Marufuji gives one back. Alexander with a kick to the midsection and a hammer blow to the back. Alexander avoids a dropkick, knee drop to the head, cover, two. Alexander swings away on his opponent, big forearm in the corner.

Marufuji drops Alexander, double stomp to the chest, cover, two-count. Alexander with some big strikes, knee drop off the second rope to the back of the head, pin, two. Backbreaker of the knee on Marufuji, pin, two. Ripcord forearm by Alexander, but Marufuji returns fire with a kick to the head and both crumple to the floor. Referee starts up his ten-count, but they are up at seven. They go nose-to-nose and then trade chops. Alexander eats a wraparound kick, but gets Marufuji in a torture rack position and spins him down hard on the mat, cover, two-and-a-half. Marufuji with a flurry of kicks, cover, two. Marufuji kicks Alexander in the face between his legs. Sliced bread number two on Alexander, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Marufuji via Pinfall

- Post-match, Marufuji wants a handshake. Alexander goes to do it and Page stops him. Alexander tells Page to hold on, goes to shake it, pulls his hand away, and wags his finger at Marufuji. Marufuji points at The North as they head to the back.

- OVE enters the building. Callihan is stopped by security. Management says Fulton, Jake, and Dave aren't allowed to enter the building. Sami tells them they have the night off, Fulton was especially mad at this news.

- Dez talking about a woman to Trey and Wentz, he then reveals he's talking about Trey's mom. Fallah Bahh sits down with the group, and he's down. They ask him what's up and he just "Bahh" a lot, punches his hand, and then "Elgin." The group lights up and tries to help Bahh calm down. He coughs a bunch and says "Word. I'm not true to myself, dog" and then spouts some William Shakespeare. The group hypes Bahh up to go and beat up Elgin.

Taya Valkyrie, Kiera Hogan, and Madison Rayne vs. Rosemary, Jordynne Grace, and Alexia Nicole

Hogan and Nicole get things going, Hogan bails to the outside, but eats a dropkick. Nicole looks to fly, but Madison drops her in the ring. The other four women get into the ring and Rosemary / Grace take out Valkyrie / Rayne. Hogan, Valkyrie, and Rayne go to the outside and look to regroup as we go to break. Rosemary yanks Rayne back into the ring, running forearm in the corner, release german suplex. Rosemary gets on Rayne and swings wildly. Nicole tags in, throws Rayne in the corner, missile dropkick, Valkyrie yanks Nicole down by her hair as the referee is distracted. Valkyrie beats up Nicole in the corner. Hogan is tagged in, forearms in the corner. Hogan sent int other, but lands a kick, then a second rope hurricanrana.

Hogan went down hard and tells the referee her shoulder was hurt. A second referee comes in, Hogan ends up poking Nicole in the eye and is able to tag out to Valkyrie. She ends up not getting back into the match. Grace is in there now and goes to work on Valkyrie, hits a double stomp out of the corner, vader bomb, cover, Rayne breaks it up. Graces chucks her out of the ring. Grace with an inside cradle on Valkyrie for the win.

Winners: Jordynne Grace, Alexia Nicole, and Rosemary via Pinfall

- Footage shown from Impact Bound for Glory when RVD turned on his partner, Rhino.

- RVD says his moveset came from his brain, and today's wrestlers got their moves from him. He continues without RVD there would be no Kenny Omega, Daniel Bryan, or Young Bucks. RVD says in regards to Rhino, he's not sorry, he's tired of carrying Rhino. He was the leader of ECW and isn't carrying anyone any more and he's one of kind.

Desi Hit Squad (Raj Singh and Rohit Raju) with Gama Singh vs. Willie Mack and Rich Swann

Desi Hit Squad get the jump on Mack and Swann. Swann drops Singh though, Mack and Swann with a flapjack combo. Swann with kicks to the leg, goes to the ropes, gets hit in the back by Raju, but knocks him down to the floor. Singh plants Swann, neckbreaker over the knee, cover, two. Raju tags in and swings away, Swann tries to fight out of the corner. Swann eats the mat face first, Singh tags in, Raju knocks Mack off the apron. Backbreaker / low dropkick combo on Swann, cover, two.

Swann with some kicks to the face, big jumping clothesline on Raju, Mack tags in. He hits some big lariats. Running splashes in the corners. Senton cannonball in the corner. Drops Raju, kip up, standing moonsault, cover, two. Swann tags in, Mack gets pulled out to the floor. Raju with a jumping knee on Swann, assisted DDT, cover, Mack break up the pin. Mack with a stunner on Singh. Raju knocks Mack down, Swann lands a springboard cutter. Mack tags in, Swann with a swinging neckbreaker off the second rope while Mack holds Raju up in the air, cover, and we're done here.

Winners: Willie Mack and Rich Swann via Pinfall

- Backstage, Rhino is not happy and looking for Rob Van Dam. He yells at Jimmy Jacobs, who says RVD went on vacation. Rhino looks at the camera and says the two will meet at Turning Point and Rhino will rip him in half with a gore.

- At a golf course, Moose talks about his resume from football to wrestling. Moose then says he'll show people how amazing he is at golf by hitting a hole in one. He gets up to the green and sees other golfers on the green. He says he hit a hole in one. Some guy is holding a golf ball, Moose says he took the ball out of the hole and shoves him into a sand pit. Moose then puts the ball in the hole himself and says he hit a hole in one. Moose say next week he'll be in action.

- Ken Shamrock heads to the ring and gets on the mic. He says he never thought he'd be in a wrestling ring again, but his incident with Moose lit a fire under him. Shamrock says it hurt to not accomplish his goal of getting his hand raised at Bound for Glory though. Shamrock says he's now trying to figure out what he'll do next. Shamrock realizes that—before he can finish, out strolls Joey Ryan and gets on the mic. Ryan says Shamrock has a great resume, but has one more "mountain" to climb, Shamrock says he doesn't know who Ryan is. Ryan says he's the guy who made wrestling fun again. Shamrock finally realizes who Ryan is and finds his shtick funny, but he's a really fighter.

He calls Ryan a "gimmick." Ryan says "that's a little stiff, no pun intended." Ryan wonders if Shamrock is afraid to touch "it." "Is it because you'll tap out faster than a Gracie choke?" Ryan asked. Shamrock then says he didn't come out to the ring to retire, he came out to put the roster on notice. Shamrock then says "if you want your ankle snapped. I'll be your Huckleberry." Ryan says they'll have a match next week. Ryan puts his hand out, Shamrock goes to shake it and Ryan tries to get him to touch his manhood. Shamrock shoves him away and Ryan bails to the back.

- Vignette for Tessa Blanchard, we see clips of her matches and feud with Sami Callihan.

Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards (Street Fight)

Edwards with a suicide dive to get things goin, then hits a suplex out on the floor on Austin. Edwards leaves for a moment, then brings out some garbage cans. Austin cracks Edwards with his baton, hits him again on the back of his neck. Take a garbage can and smacks Edwards over the head. Commentary talking abotu Austin trying to sleep with Edwards' wife. Callis says, "It's not adultery, if you're not getting a long, it's like a free pass." Mathews cracks up at this comment. Edwards is up with a trash can lid and smacks Austin a few times.

Austin recovers, chokes Edwards out on the floor, then taunts Edwards with his "I just banged your wife" shirt. Austin grabs a table and brings it into the ring, nope, he decides to leave it on the floor. He goes in with a chair and gets smacked with a trash lid. Edwards goes out to the floor, picks up the table and now brings it into the ring. Austin smacks Edwards with a trash lid, picks up the table and puts it in the corner. Edwards is up and superkicks Austin. Reno Scum runs in to help out Austin, but Edwards sends one through the table via release overhead suplex.

Edwards looks to his Austin with a trash can, Austin hits him in the midsection. Austin hits a twisting fameasser off the top rope, shoving Edwards' face down on that trash can. Edwards makes his way to the top rope, Austin with an enziguri. He sets a chair up in the ring, climbs up, and Edwards slips under and crotches Austin on the top rope. Edwards with a hard chairshot to the back. "Eddie!" chant from the crown. He heads up and lands a super back suplex. Edwards then goes under the ring for Kenny (kendo stick). He swings, it's blocked with the X-Division title, Austin smacks Edwards with the title, cover, two. Austin can't believe it.

Austin puts the title down, gets Kenny and smacked him over the head then breaks Kenny over his knee. Austin looks for a spear and ends up diving right into the trash can that Edwards swings into him. Edwards grabs a chair and whacks Austin (who still has the can around him). Edwards pulls out another table and gets it in the ring. Table gets set up, Austin put on the top rope, but he rakes Edwards' eye. Austin pulls out a loaded wrist brace (with steel in it) and pops Edwards in the head. Austin with a super fold putting Edwards through the table, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Ace Austin via Pinfall

- Impact Plus: Flashback Moment of the Week: Su Yung vs. Jessicka Havok in a No DQ Match. Havok picks up the win after hitting a tombstone piledriver. Yung is back up and tries to lock in the mandible claw, Havok fights her off, charges and ends up running into a ladder. Yung grabs a chair and launches it at Havok. They end up fighting into the back areas of the arena. Havok then looks to hang Yung with a rope over a flight of stairs, but people run out to help. Yung is taken to a hospital. Doctors try to revive her, but don't have any luck. Yung then suddenly wakes up.

- Cut to the backstage area, Su Yung is now "Susie" looking more like herself and less...dead. She says hi to The Deaners and they are freaked out even more now than before.

- Backstage, Johnny Swinger talks with Alisha Edwards. Ace Austin tells Swinger to back off, Edwards is a married woman and doesn't need some sleezy guy around her. Austin says he just put Eddie behind him, and Alisha should do the same. He says next week, how about dinner? She accept.

- Next week: Michael Elgin vs. Fallah Bahh, Moose vs. Willie Mack, and Ken Shamrock vs. Joey Ryan.

- Recap is shown of the feud between Impact World Champion Brian Cage and Sami Callihan.

Brian Cage (c) vs. Sami Callihan (Steel Cage Match for the Impact World Championship)

Cage runs out, but Sami kicks the cage door into him. Sami comes out and ends up getting powerbombed on the ring apron. Cage drags Callihan's face along the cage and then lawn darts him into it. Saim sends Cage into the steel and runs into the cage. He locks the door and then flips Cage off. Cage easily climbs up and over the cage wall. Cage with a clothesline, then tosses Sami into the cage a couple times. Cage looks for a powerbomb, Sami fights out of it, pump kick, nope. Back and forth strikes. Sami grabs the baseball bat and smacks Cage in the face with the end of it.

Sami's vest has "Melissa" on it (Melissa Santos) as he plays some mind games with Cage. Cage is busted open from that bat. Sami punches away at his opponent, then puts some of his blood on his own face. More shots with the bat into Cage's midsection. Cage stuck between the ropes and the cage. They spit at each other, Sami charges in and ends up running into the wall, both men down.

Superkick to Sami, they trade big kicks and punches. Sami with multiple slaps, big lariat on Cage, cover, two. Another clothesline, cover, another two-count. Sami hits a piledriver, cover, Cage kicks out at one! A fired up Cage powerbombs Sami, then a buckle bomb. Cage looks for drill claw, Sami with the inside cradle, two. Sami with low kicks, superkick, knees, Sami with another piledriver, third, and a fourth one lands! Cover, 1-2-no! He looks for a fifth one, Cage fights out of it, drops Sami, cover, two. Cage heads to the top rope, Sami follows, smacks Cage, they trade headbutts up high. Cage with a flurry of headbutts, Callihan with an enziguri, super piledriver hits on Cage! Cover, 1-2-3, new champion!

Winner: Sami Callihan via pinfall to win the Impact World Championship

- Post-match, Callihan is given the title and celebrates with it. Tessa Blanchard then heads out to the ring, staring right at Sami. The two go face-to-face in the ring and he holds up the title.