Jim Cornette Calls Out AEW Lead Investor Shad Khan For Supporting President Donald Trump

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette had fans talking on social media this weekend after he called out AEW Lead Investor Shad Khan for supporting President Donald Trump.

Cornette often speaks out against WWE Hall of Famer Trump, and has been taking shots at AEW since earlier in the year. He's had social media feuds with Joey Janela and The Young Bucks, among others. Cornette has noted on his podcast how he's spoken with AEW President & CEO Tony Khan in the past, but this looks to be the first time he has called out Tony's father.

"Wouldn't you know who supports the asshole? Billionaire Shad Khan donated $1 million to @POTUS Pigface's inauguration in 2016 and 'supports his economic policies'. Just wanted everyone to know who they're dealing with. #TheMoreYouKnow," Cornette wrote on Shad supporting Trump.

One fan responded and told Cornette to just let fans enjoy something without bringing politics into it. They wrote, "Who cares about his politics? Why do people bring politics into sports and wrestling. Let us enjoy something."

Cornette responded, "People should be bringing politics into everything until Trump is in prison & the world is safe again."

Cornette also re-tweeted a Jacksonville.com article from April 2017 on how Khan was among a group of NFL owners and other billionaires who helped Trump's inaugural committee raise more than $105 million for his inauguration. The article noted how four NFL team owners gave $1 million each to Trump in 2016 – Khan of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Woody Johnson of the New York Jets, Dan Snyder of the Washington Redskins, and Robert McNair of the Houston Texans.

Cornette has been a hot topic of discussion on social media as of late due to his negative comments on AEW and some of their wrestlers. Cornette hosts the "Jim Cornette Experience" podcast, where he has been reviewing WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite. The podcast is available on YouTube and other platforms. Cornette is currently calling the new weekly NWA Power series with Joe Gali.

You can see Cornette's full tweets below: