WWE Champion Kofi Kingston took to Twitter with strong words for Brock Lesnar after the attack on Rey Mysterio and his son Dominick during last night’s RAW season premiere.

Kofi, who will defend his title against Lesnar on Friday’s SmackDown FOX premiere, called Lesnar a “reckless, egotistical, a-----e” and said he’s looking to make Lesnar go away forever.

“Facing @brocklesnar this Friday was about challenging myself & further solidifying my WWE Title reign. As a father, after watching what he did to @reymysterio & his child, now it’s about beating a reckless, egotistical, a-----e & making him go away forever. Let’s go,” Kofi wrote.

Paul Heyman responded to Kofi’s tweet with a personal message from his client, taking a shot at Kofi and The New Day.

Heyman wrote, “A personal message from my client @BrockLesnar to @TrueKofi … you ain’t man enough. All 3 of the #NewDay combined ain’t man enough. Kiss your title … and your ass … goodbye!”

You can see the full exchange below: