WWE Press Conference Recap With Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez, Tyson Fury, Braun Strowman

- Today's WWE press conference opens up with a video package on WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, UFC star and pro wrestler Cain Velasquez, heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury and WWE Superstar Braun Strowman.

- We're live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas as Michael Cole welcomes us from a podium on the stage. Cole welcomes the media and says they will make WWE, boxing and MMA history today. Cole introduces Triple H and credits him for helping to make this happen. Triple H makes his way out as his music hits.

Triple H thanks Cole and says hello to everyone in attendance, and watching. He mentions WWE Crown Jewel 2019 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Halloween – Thursday, October 31. He did not mention Saudi Arabia, but did name Riyadh. He thanks the head of the Saudi General Sports Authority for allowing WWE to have a presence during the Riyadh Season series of festivals and special events, which kicks off today and ends in December. He goes on and shows us a video package with highlights from the previous WWE events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Triple H plugs how WWE Hall of Famers Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan appearing at Crown Jewel for the Team Flair vs. Team Hogan ten-man match. He also names Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins as appearing. He then announces two new matches that will bring the worlds of WWE, boxing and MMA together, in a way that only WWE can. Triple H then confirms Velasquez vs. Lesnar and Fury vs. Strowman for Crown Jewel.

Triple H talks about what happened during last Friday's SmackDown FOX premiere, leading to Fury's WWE debut. We get a video package showing the Fury – Strowman incident from SmackDown, and then their brawl on Monday's RAW.

Cole takes over again. He says this will not be your typical press conference, but all teams involved have agreed to save the fighting for Crown Jewel. Cole introduces Strowman first and out he comes as the music hits. Strowman is wearing a suit. Strowman thanks everyone and says this is giving him goosebumps, which doesn't happen often for him. He brings up how he won the Greatest Royal Rumble match in the Kingdom last time, but he plans on proving that he's the toughest son of a b—h in WWE. Strowman gives Fury some praise for being tough, and calls him a household name, but says the whole world will know who Strowman is after he gives these hands to Fury at Crown Jewel. Strowman thanks everyone again and leaves as his music hits.

Cole then introduces legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum. Arum says he goes back a long way with WWE and recalls how he met Vince McMahon in 1974. They promoted the Evel Knievel jump over the Snake River Canyon together. Arum goes on about being proud of the massive entertainment company Vince has built since then, calling it truly remarkable. Arum says Fury is also truly remarkable. Fury reminds Arum of Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, calling him the consummate heavyweight. Arum says Fury entertains in the ring and is a tremendous personality, a true showman. Arum goes on with the praise for Fury and then introduces the big man. Out he comes to the podium. Fury thanks Arum for the introduction and thanks everyone for coming. He talks about being a lifelong WWE fan and always wanting to be involved with them. He's excited to fight The Monster Among Men and after seeing Braun, he knows why he has that Monster nickname. Fury talks about how he's undefeated and fears no one. He says he will leave Saudi Arabia still undefeated because he will knock Strowman out. Fury shows off some of his hands and says Strowman wants none of those. Fury goes on and thanks everyone, saying he will see them at Crown Jewel. Cole brings Strowman back to the stage for a face-off with Fury. They face off for a few seconds and then turn to the cameras to pose. They slap each other on the back a few times until the tension builds. They shake hands and Fury goes to leave but Strowman won't let go. They face off again and get aggressive, talking trash. Triple H gets in between them and backs Strowman away as Cole reminds them that their camps promised not to fight today.

Triple H takes the podium again and jokes that he usually doesn't feel short, but he did between Fury and Strowman. He talks about Velasquez vs. Lesnar now, noting that this may be the most fight skill that they've had in the ring at once. He goes on about Velasquez, his career and skills. Triple H then praises Lesnar and says he has known him for 20 years, and has been in awe the whole time. He credits Lesnar for helping launch the UFC brand into the stratosphere. Triple H calls them two once in a lifetime talents. He goes on about how they both have a story to tell, one that began back in the Octagon in 2010. This is a reference to Velasquez defeating Lesnar for the UFC Heavyweight Title at UFC 121. Triple H leads us to a video package for the match, which includes comments from Paul Heyman and highlights from last week's SmackDown where Velasquez attacked Lesnar following his WWE Title win over Kofi Kingston.

Cole introduces Rey Mysterio and out he comes to his theme. Rey says his son Dominick has been dreaming of following in his footsteps since he was a small child, and the dream has intensified over the past few years. Dominick wants to share the ring with his father, but Rey says that dream is crushed at this moment. Rey goes on about how Dominick talked him out of retiring recently, and says it breaks his heart that the first time they shared the ring together was at the hands of Lesnar. Rey says Lesnar crossed the line no man should cross when he attacked his son on RAW. Rey is very proud to announce his family, the person who has been by his side since that incident happened, the person who has dominated Lesnar in the past – Cain Velasquez. The music hits and out comes Cain.

Cain says hello to the WWE Universe and says he's so excited to be joining WWE. Cain pauses for almost a minute and says Lesnar crossed the wrong family, and for that he needs to pay. Cain pauses again and says he knows Lesnar is big, he's the biggest, but he's not the baddest. Cain says he beat Lesnar once before in UFC, and he's ready to do it again at Crown Jewel. Cain speaks some in Spanish and apparently delivers a warning to Lesnar. Cain goes on and thanks everyone, then leaves with Rey. Paul Heyman is introduced next. Heyman praises Lesnar with a grand introduction and declares he will beat Cain at Crown Jewel. That's not a prediction, that's a spoiler, he says. Heyman then introduces Lesnar and out he comes in a suit.

Lesnar takes the podium and say he doesn't really feel the need to say anything with Heyman out here, but he needs to. Lesnar says words can't describe the feeling he felt when he saw Cain walk down the ramp on SmackDown. Lesnar says this is his house, his kingdom, and he's the conqueror. Lesnar says he's been waiting for this moment for 10 long years. He wakes up every day and looks at the scar on his face, which Cain put on him in the Octagon. Lesnar can't wait to get his hands on Cain again and says this time it will be a different story, a different outcome. Cole brings Cain back out for a face-off with Lesnar on the stage. They face off for a few seconds as Heyman raises the WWE Title behind Lesnar. The music hits and that's the end of the press conference as Lesnar and Cain go their separate ways

Stay tuned for updates on WWE Crown Jewel. Above is full video of the press conference and below is a set photo from the T-Mobile Arena: