Mick Foley Talk Losing His Ear During A Match Against Vader (Video)

TMZ Sports spoke with WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley and asked what was his most gruesome injury during his pro wrestling career. Foley didn't hesitate to bring up the match against Vader where he lost his ear after his head got tied up in the ropes.


"This right ear has been freaking out fans since 1994," Foley joked. "I was in a match with the great Leon White (Vader) in Munich, Germany. Things took a turn for the worst, I got my head caught up in the ropes. I wedged my way out, my ear did not make the journey with me and I wanted it stated for the record, we finished the match. It was a non-televised house show and we finished the match."

Foley was asked if he ever ended up getting that part of his ear back to potentially repair it. Ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta was able to retrieve the portion that was left in the ring, but it couldn't be saved.

"Gary Michael Cappetta retrieved it from the French referee, who couldn't speak English, couldn't tell us he had the ear," Foley recalled. "So, when I got back they had it with tape around it. I asked Gary what it looked like, and he said, 'It looked like a piece of uncooked chicken with tape on it.' No, they could not save it and I did not know the German word for 'formaldehyde.'"


Since he did see it after the match, Foley was asked if he still has that portion of his ear today.

"No! No, you know what that would be worth on eBay, though?" Foley joked.

You can check out Foley's full comments in the video above.

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