MLW Fusion Recap (10/26): Promociones Dorado Battles Contra Unit, Hart Foundation In Action, CRASH

Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight's show takes place from the Auditorio Fausto Gutierrez Moreno from Tijuana, Mexico. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

Show opens with a promo from Contra Unit. Josef Samael calls out Promociones Dorado, saying that last week they beat the living hell out of El Hijo de LA Park, and that the champion Jacob Fatu will be watching their six-man tag later this evening. Fatu then calls out his Saturday Night SuperFight opponent LA Park. "It's not going to be a SuperFight," growls Fatu. "It's going to be a f**king massacre. HAIL CONTRA."

Fusion intro song.

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcome us to another edition of Fusion. The Hart Foundation (Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Brian Pillman Jr.) make their way to the ring for our opening tag contest. They'll be facing Extreme Tiger and Dragon Lee. Commentary tells us that Brian Pillman Jr. has challenged Low Ki to a match at SuperFight, and that the former champion has accepted.

Hart Foundation versus Extreme Tiger/Dragon Lee

Pillman and Lee begin. Pillman offers a handshake, but tricks him and applies a headlock. Lee bounces Pillman off the ropes...pace pick up...Lee sweeps the leg for a pin. Pillman repeats the spot. Both men go for a dropkick. Lee with the tranquilo pose. Pillman tags in Smith, while Lee brings in Tiger. Smith with a huge size advantage. Tiger goes for a waistlock...Smith powers him off easily. Chops from Tiger. Smith drops him with one chop of his own. Huge forearm from Smith. Tiger hits a sunset flip...Smith kicks out with ease. He claps his hands, then sends Tiger across the ring with an overhead belly-to-belly. Pillman takes out Lee on the apron. Smith chokes Tiger in the corner. Smith lifts Tiger up with ease for a powerslam. He tosses Tiger into Pillman's boot. Pillman tags back in. He chops Tiger in the chest. This wakes Tiger up, who traps Pillman in the corner and unloads a flurry of chops. Smith slows him down, allowing Pillman to recover. Hart Foundation in control in the early going.

Tiger kicks out of a pinfall attempt from Pillman. Running corner lariat. Smith back in. Stalling gut-wrench suplex nearly wins the match but Tiger continues to be resilient. Boston crab applied by Smith. This brings in Lee who breaks up the submission. Pillman sends Lee to the outside for his troubles. Another powerslam from Smith. Pillman comes in from out of nowhere with a basement dropkick. The Hart Foundation keep the pressure by wearing down Tiger. Tiger finally builds some momentum. Top rope senton onto Pillman's hips. He makes the tag to Lee. Lee comes in hot with a running elbow to Pillman. Corner single-leg dropkick to Smith. Lee snap-German suplexes Pillman but Pillman pops right back up. Back and forth striking...superkick from Pillman...thrust knee by Lee. Pillman rocks Lee with a spinning backfist. Package piledriver...somehow Lee shakes it off and connects with a running knee.

Tiger comes back in. Combination onto Smith ending with a running basement dropkick. Pillman stops the pinfall. Fight spills to the outside. Lee takes out Pillman with a suicide dive. He throws water from a fan into Pillman's face. Tiger follows up with a tope con hilo. Smith throws Tiger back into the ring. Springboard doomsday device...Smith right their for the's over.

Hart Foundation wins by pinfall

Advertisement for MLW's first pay per view, Saturday Night SuperFight, including a recently announced pre-show. Commentary team runs down the card which includes Alexander Hammerstone defending the National Openweight championship against Davey Boy Smith Jr, Dynasty versus the Von Erichs for the tag team titles, Teddy Hart defending the Middleweight championship against Austin Aries, and Jacob Fatu going to war with LA Park for the world title in a NO DQ bout.

Cut to Salina de la Renta. She says Contra "aint sh*t." She says she's more powerful than the cartel, because in MLW Salina is the law. "You say that Contra is at war with Promociones Dorado? LA Park is going to take Fatu's Samoan ass, and hang it from the telephone wires outside of Cicero Stadium." Segment ends with Salina taking a deep drag of her cigar.

Elsewhere, LA Park cuts a promo. He says Contra Unit will pay for attacking his son last week, promising to break each man's face in tonight's main event tag affair.

Dynasty is seen at a bar grabbing drinks. MJF asks if Hammerstone snuck any of the drugs he got in Mexico across the border. Hammerstone doesn't deny it. MJF and Hammerstone ask Holliday why he's not wearing his air-pods. Holliday says that he needed to clean his ears first, then reveals that his air-pods are Louis Vuitton. They all cheers.

The Von Erichs promise to give Dynasty a SuperFight hangover when they beat them for the world tag team titles on Saturday.

The feed is interrupted by the H2 network. Brian Pillman Jr. and Davey Boy Smith Jr. are signing autographs to all their fans. Smith says that they are happy to see so much support in Mexico, but they do wish that Teddy Hart could have been there, remaining suspicious about his absence.

Footage of Austin Aries attack on Teddy Hart from last month is played.

Proximo and Terror Azteca are out for our next matchup. They'll be facing Toto and Torito.

Proximo/Terror Azteca versus Toto/Torito

A fun fast paced contest that really highlights the best of Crash Lucha Libre. Most of the time commentary was putting over the pay per view this coming Saturday, which made it hard to focus on the match. Azteca would pick up the victory for himself and Proximo after a twisting headscissor driver while Proximo and Torito were battling on the outside.

Proximo/Terror Azteca win by pinfall

Video package hyping the title showdown between LA Park and Jacob Fatu. Footage of Fatu defeating Tom Lawlor to become the champion is played, as well as Park's victory in the Battle Riot II battle royal.

Main event time. Contra Unit (Josef Samael, Ikuro Kwon, and Simon Gotch) is out first. They'll be facing Promociones Dorado (Mecha Wolf, Bestia 666, LA Park). Park gets his own entrance, where he is accompanied by Salina de la Renta. Crowd goes nuts for Park. Commentary tells us that Jacob Fatu will be watching from someplace else.

Contra Unit versus Promociones Dorado

Fans heavily behind the luchadores. Samael attacks Park from behind, and all six-men go at it. Gotch goes after Bestia while Kwon targets Wolf. They brawl to the outside while Samael continues to work over Park after his cheap shot. Multiple headbutts by Samael. Commentary tells us that this match will be contested under lucha rules, with no tags necessary. Samael uses a chair on Park. Contra Unit continues to have the upperhand, silencing the crowd for the hometown heroes. Gotch picks up Bestia in a firemans carry and smashes his head off the ringpost. The action eventually returns into the ring. Samael chops Bestia down, but the luchadores finally mount some offense and hit stereo dropkicks. Bestia connects with a suicide dive. Kwon hits a tope con hilo but Wolf with a bottom rope dive. Gotch with a senton from the apron. Park climbs to the top...crossbody takes out the lot. Fans going nuts! Park smacks a chair over Samael's head. He uses it for a choke, then knocks Gotch into the first row. Wolf and Bestia take out Kwon with a doomsday device. Double team by Promociones Dorado onto Gotch.

Park tells Bestia and Wolf to let him have Samael for himself. Fans are unglued. Headbutt rocks Samael. Running meteora nearly decapitates Samael. He goes for the pin...two count. Samael shakes it off and drops Park with a DDT. Snap powerslam in response from Park. He fish-hooks Samael for the submission. Gotch and Kwon break the hold but Bestia and Wolf make them pay with superkicks. More high-risk maneuvers from Wolf. Kwon sneaks behind Bestia...torture rack neckbreaker for a nearfall. Bestia goes for a muscle buster...he hits it. Wolf to the top...450 lands. Gotch breaks up the pin. He and Bestia have a striking exchange...brainbuster by Gotch. Park PK's Gotch, then nails a running knee. Samael axe-handles Park again. Corner lariat...Park hits one of his own. Elbow across Samael's neck. Cover...only two. Gotch goes for a tombstone onto Bestia...he shifts his weight...superkick. Kwon spits the mist in the face of Wolf. Samael throws a fireball at Bestia! Park out of nowhere with a spear. It's over.

Promociones Dorado wins by pinfall

Promociones Dorado celebrates. Commentary tells us that Jacob Fatu is being restrained by security, but is attempting to come out.

That's the show friends.