Roman Reigns recently spoke with Scott Fishman of TV Insider and talked about learning from his cousin, The Rock, and possibly mixing it up with The Great One in the ring.

Reigns also talked about getting to watch Rock work with RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and King Baron Corbin for the recent SmackDown FOX premiere and 20th Anniversary special, and being on-set with him for the recent “Hobbs & Shaw” movie. Reigns described Rock as a true superstar, but genuine.

“What I try to do throughout my career is stay grounded, remember who I am and where I came from before the big machine and bubble got around me,” Reigns said. “You can really see that with him and his process. It’s a unique process he has, no doubt. He is a superstar and worked his butt off to get to that point and make it that way. When you get your one-on-one time with him and see him come on set and interact, he is just so genuine. Always such a good time, always a smile on his face. To be able to be around him and pick his brain on a few different things as far as this business, movie business, business in general, fitness, all kinds of stuff.

“He is a wealth of knowledge and a great person to rely on and also an opinion you can trust. That was one thing I really enjoyed was those talks with him and getting a workout in here and there and pick his brain on the business and life. You have to be happy. All these different opportunities, the money, it’s not going to make you happy. It’s what you’re doing within and that what you’re doing brings passion to your heart. You have to be able to do that.”

Reigns continued and said The Rock connects with his fans like no one else can.

“And also connect with your fans,” Reigns added. “That’s something he does that nobody else can compare to. He is just constantly out there and keeping his fans informed. It was great to be around him. It was motivating and inspiring and hopefully I can continue to push my star and elevate myself.”

Regarding a possible big money match with The Rock at WrestleMania, Reigns believes they would have the right chemistry, but they would do well as a tag team. The Big Dog said he’s not sure about a singles match against The People’s Champ.

“It would have to be something the fans are just overwhelming about,” Reigns said of a potential one-on-one match with Rock. “They have to make it very clear this is the matchup they want. Then we have to take into account our family and the way that affects us and the way we’d tell our story.

“Right now, I just enjoy being around him. Being in the ring with him, we’d have to get to that point, and it would have to make sense for everyone. Right now, we’re representing our family and the love and the bond we have throughout our cousins and this family tree, I think we have to hold that up as high as possible.”

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