Following the successful showing of Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan against Erick Rowan and Luke Harper in the tornado tag team match at last night's WWE Hell In A Cell, Reigns spoke with in an exclusive video about teaming with Bryan.

In the video, Reigns addressed what happened following the match. Which saw Reigns and Bryan embrace, which surprised Reigns who said after the last few months he didn't see this coming at all.

"It's funny because as soon as he pulled me I was thinking I was about to do some more war," Reigns said. "But immediately it was like, I know what he's doing.

"But it was really just as a memory for me because when The Shield came in, so many years ago, 2012, we were fighting Team Hell No a good bit. So to be able to see the hug situation come back, it was just very funny and it just reminded me of how quickly time flies."

For months, Rowan was in cohorts with Bryan as the two seemingly wanted to end the career of Reigns. However, a turn of events saw Bryan eventually side with Reigns.

"And all the way through this rivalry with Erick Rowan and him trying to kill me. All the way to now to get this redemption to close this story of my life. It felt good to be out there with someone at the caliber of Daniel Bryan.

"For him to step up and help me out, it just speaks about his character. And the brother just wanted to hug at the end. So, it was nice to see that throwback come alive, and I'm glad we got the win today."

During the match, Reigns suffered a slight knee injury which he was noticeably struggling with during last night's event. However, "The Big Dog" says it is nothing to worry about.

"I tweaked it out there, but don't worry," Reigns said. "I'm gonna wolverine that thing tonight. And I'll be ready for SmackDown in Las Vegas on Friday. So, get some rest and I'll be back to do my best."

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