Great wrestling families are now getting into their third generations of superstars such as the Von Erichs and the Harts. Ross and Marshall Von Erich are the sons of Kevin and they recently joined MLW where the third generation of the Hart Family await them in Teddy Hart and Harry Smith.

The Von Erichs talked about being able to work with people with similar backgrounds as them when they spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"There's so many beautiful things that come about with wrestling. Being able to be in the same locker room with those guys and reminisce as we all have that same background story. When you're a kid in school, not many other kids' dads are wrestlers so it's interesting to see guys with a different perspective in coming up that way," said Marshall.

"The Hart Family has a huge part with out family as Stu Hart helped train my grandfather and to know that our grandfathers go back and there's gonna be Harts and Von Erichs on a card in 2019-20, that's powerful to us."

Marshall added that a cool thing about MLW is that there are no clicks and everyone wants to see everyone succeed. He calls it a fun and interesting time in pro wrestling.

"Teddy Hart, Harry Smith we hit it off with these guys great and I definitely hope we can work together in the future and I think we will too," said Marshall.

"There is mutual respect and they have die-hard fans. We know they are a great tag team and my brother and I look at it as a challenge. Even if there's not a lot of lineage behind it and it's just Harts vs. Von Erichs, that's awesome."

The brothers have spent most of their time teaming together and they were asked if they would consider singles runs.

"For us, we're both leaning towards a tag team. It's what we're comfortable with and we feel we're better as a tag team. We have strengths and weaknesses and we make up for each other's strengths and weaknesses," Marshall said before adding that they've both had the chance to wrestle as singles in Japan and all over the world but they've been a tag team for 26 years.

"Having your brother in the ring with you, that's really what's motivating me as all we're trying to do is show off in front of each other. I'm my brother's biggest fan and he's probably my biggest fan. We really enjoy each other's work and I think tag teaming is our best attribute and it's a lot more fun. This is what our uncles and grandfather did so we prefer it but if we have to do singles, we'll do what we're asked of."

The brothers have been wrestling for a couple of years now but MLW is their first national promotion. With that comes spots on TV and Marshall was asked what it's been like transitioning to TV.

"In Japan we got to work a lot on TV but as you know the crowds are very different. We weren't ready for this much support in MLW as we thought we would start off with people not knowing who we were. But the fact that people do believe in us and are behind us, it's so motivating," stated Marshall. "We wanna prove MLW right and we've learned so much just from talking to the guys in the locker rooms after matches such as Cornette and Low Ki. They've helped us a ton but we definitely have more room to grow."

For a wrestling fan, there are many different options out there in terms of different promotions. Marshall talked about what helps MLW stand out from the competition.

"I think the caliber of talent that we have and our fusion of all different kinds of wrestling. We have the luchadores, the old-school style, the high-impact, technical wrestling, high-flying stuff. There's a wealth to choose from and that's what separates MLW," Marshall said before adding that MLW is not trying to compete as they have their own product.

"They have a really loyal fan base. There are diehard MLW fans and it reminds me of ECW back in the day and [founder] Court [Bauer] is a mastermind when it comes to wrestling."

The Von Erichs can be seen every Saturday night as part of MLW Fusion on BeIN Sports. Full episodes of MLW Fusion are available via MLW's YouTube channel. Click here:

The Von Erichs full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of today's episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In it they discuss debuting in Dallas for MLW alongside their father, the history between The Von Erich and Hart families, their wild bar brawling style, VICELAND's "Last Of The Von Erichs" episode of Dark Side Of The Ring, the moment they realized they were truly Von Erichs and more. You can check out past episodes of the WINCLY here. Subscribe to Wrestling Inc. Audio on iTunes or Google Play. Listen to the show via Spotify here or through TuneIn here.