- On last night's SmackDown, Lacey Evans defeated some local competition, but Evans says she's the future of the division and is champion material.

"Let me tell you, and everybody else listening to Lacey Evans," Evans said. "I am the future of this company. I am what you and everybody else needs as a role model. I—unlike all of the women in this division—is champion material. And until that happens, I will continue to set the proper example and get rid of those nasty things."

- In the clip below, Nikki Cross talked about getting her hands on WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley and her current run of momentum.

"Here's the thing with momentum, it's not like a roller coaster or ferris wheel because a ferris wheel has a bottom, this is one of those sky high rides where you shoot up! And don't come down," Cross said. "Read my lips, mark my words, look at my chest, look at my muscles, I'm ready! Mark my words, Nikki Cross will be the SmackDown Women's Champion!"

- WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn attempted to bring Daniel Bryan into their group, but didn't receive an answer either way on last night's SmackDown.

"He didn't shake my hand out there, fine, but as he left the ring, he locked eyes with me, he looked dead in my eyes" Zayn said. "He turn to Nakamura and he looked him dead in his eyes. And trust me, the look in his eyes was of a man who realized he was being told the truth. Daniel Bryan has gone on record and said how he hates liars. He can't stand liars, but he loves nothing more than a good 'ol fashion truth teller. And nobody tells the truth better than Sami Zayn. So, fine, he didn't make his mind up tonight, but mark my words when he does, it will be the right decision."