Above is new video of Hannibal TV reporter Jeremy Prophet speaking with former WWE Superstar Savio Vega.

Vega revealed that WWE recently tried to bring back former Intercontinental Champion Carlito. Vega noted that he just spoke with Carlito last week, and advised him that he should go back to WWE and make some money. There’s no word yet on if there have been any serious talks between the two sides.

Carlito, who spits in the face of people who don’t want to be cool, continues to be active in Puerto Rico and works for his father’s World Wrestling Council (WWC) promotion, among others. Carlito last worked for WWE in 2010. He then returned in 2014 to induct his father, Carlos Colón Sr., into the WWE Hall of Fame along with other members of the family.

Vega noted that Carlito is “doing well” with taking bookings on the indies there. He also appears for indies in the mainland United States every now and then. There are often rumors about WWE being interested in Carlito, but no deal has ever been reached.

Vega also indicated that The Colóns are finishing up their WWE contracts this year. Primo is Carlito’s brother, and Epico is his cousin. The Colóns have also worked recent dates for the WWC promotion in Puerto Rico.

WWE has rarely used Primo and Epico since their Los Matadores gimmicks were nixed in 2015. WWE tried the Shining Stars gimmicks in 2016, but that didn’t go very far either. The cousins were re-named The Colóns in 2017, but Primo suffered a knee injury that put him on the shelf for almost one year. Epico worked some while Primo was out of action, but the former WWE Tag Team Champions have made just a few insignificant appearances since then. They lost a SmackDown dark match to Heavy Machinery back on January 8 of this year. WWE has allowed them to spend most of their time in Puerto Rico, working with WWC.

There’s no word yet on if WWE will try and re-sign The Colóns to keep them from going to AEW, but we will keep you updated on their contract status.

Regarding his own WWE status, Vega revealed that WWE has not reached out to him in recent years since leaving the company. He last appeared for WWE in 1999. Vega worked behind-the-scenes in TNA from 2008-2009, and then again in 2011 to help with the Ring Ka King affiliate promotion. He noted to Hannibal TV that WWE has not contacted him about any kind of working relationship or a potential Legends deal, and the only WWE-related talks he’s had was for the WWE 2K16 video game.

Vega continues to work indies in Puerto Rico and the mainland United States, but suffered an injury while working for MLW back in the summer.