Sean Waltman Recalls Teaming With Kane In WWE, How Much Merch They Moved

The X-Pac and Kane pairing during the Attitude Era was an unlikely one, but also a successful one as the duo won two Tag Team Championships. Kane was one of many tag partners for Sean Waltman who also won tag titles with Marty Jannetty and Bob Holly, while also teaming with various members of DX and the NWO.

However, Waltman says the pairing with Kane was his favorite and he explained why on his X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast.

"He's my favorite partner, of all my partners, the stuff we did, the stuff we created, the moments and you know the matches and all that. I's my favorite just for creative reasons," said Waltman. "Really proud of some of those matches we had?Really grateful because as much as Glenn [Kane] says how good that was for him and his career, same for me. So yeah, it was great for me at the time. You just have that singles program with a guy like Glenn, with that kind of character, I am very proud of it. It's just my favorite for so many reasons."

The dynamic of a smaller guy like Waltman teaming with a bigger guy like Kane is a tried and true formula in pro wrestling. Waltman shared some advice to smaller guys to be successful when going up against bigger guys.

"On top of just your average guy that size, as a babyface, keeping a guy like that in trouble... So I've talked about this and it's advice I give to a lot of people down in the PC actually, especially because there is a lot of matches these days with disparity in size. If you're a smaller guy that wants to be successful working with bigger guys you have to come up with creative ways for them to stop themselves," revealed Waltman. "As opposed to all of a sudden when it's time to get heat on them you just stop him, when he's a foot taller than you and out weighs you by 200 pounds it's much better if you move out of the way and he crashes and burns, and that's how you shut him down. It makes more sense and it helps, it just makes it more credible. So I always had those creative ways of doing things like that? it was a lot of work."

During X-Pac and Kane's pairing, Kane was considered an unofficial member of DX and even once uttered the phrase "Suck It." Because of that association with the highly popular DX, Kane and Waltman moved merch nearly as good as anyone from that era.

"We were a popular act and also we were making a f**k load of money for them merchandise-wise. I saw a list it was like 2000 actually by the time, Kane and I were like No. 4 and 5 in the company as far as merch," stated Waltman. "We had Rock there, Stone Cold, it was either four and five or five and six, something like that. But either way."