WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins recently spoke with the Houston Chronicle and talked about the evolution of pro wrestling.

The interviewer noted that they go through periods where they tune out of wrestling, then start watching again, and have been impressed with how high-flying things are these days, and with fewer cartoon-type characters. Rollins said they're always trying to cater to the different audience, and trying to stay ahead.

"Yeah, it's interesting seeing that evolution from the outside perspective," Rollins said. "In the ring it's a little different. The pace and energy and style aren't different than what you're accustomed to. But I agree, if you tune out for a decade and come back it doesn't look the same. It's a different audience. Attention spans are shorter, everybody has the internet on their cell phone. So wrestling is a different product and we're catering to that audience. You have to try to stay ahead."

Regarding his own evolution, Rollins was asked what's next after being The Kingslayer, a nickname he picked up after defeating Triple H. Rollins reminded the interviewer of his Beastslayer nickname, which he picked up after beating current WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. Rollins said there's always something to slay, and commented on the arc of his character over the past 7 years.

"You transition into different slayers. Beast Slayer," Rollins said. "Hey, there's always something out there to slay. There's always something out there to slay. You find a way to make a new monster. The arc of my character over seven years has been all over the place. And there's an infinite number of places to go from here."

Rollins also discussed the storytelling in pro wrestling has changed. He used Mick Foley as an example of storytelling in the business.

"Yeah, wrestling is a wacky medium that allows you to tell stories different ways. Foley's a great example. He's an amazing storyteller who has done it different ways," Rollins said. "He was great in the ring. He was great at making his injuries entertaining. And he was also athletic when he had to be. Our audience now asks for the storytelling, but they also enjoy a faster-paced style. A little more high-flying style. It's more action packed."