WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins took to Twitter this afternoon with his first comments since the disastrous ending to Sunday’s WWE Hell In a Cell main event with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

“Survive and Prevail is bigger than just what happens between the ropes. Question everything, even yourself, and fight your heart out every step of the way. #sethrollinsisnotcool,” Rollins wrote.

Rollins’ “#sethrollinsisnotcool” hashtag is a reference to a fan who taunted him following Sunday’s main event. A video of the fan holding up a “Seth Rollins Is Not Cool” sign while taunting Rollins, went viral, and Rollins’ tweet today seems to be a response to that, and the other negative reactions to the pay-per-view.

There’s no word yet on when Rollins will be back in action, but he did not appear on this week’s RAW and WWE waited until late in the show to even mention the bad match with Wyatt. Rollins is scheduled to be the Team Captain for Team Hogan at WWE Crown Jewel on October 31 in Saudi Arabia. The current line-up for the ten-man match is Rollins, Rusev and three partners TBA vs. Team Flair’s Randy Orton, King Baron Corbin, and three partners TBA.

You can see Rollins’ full tweet and the video of the fan below: