As seen below, E! has released a new Total Divas preview clip with Sonya Deville ahead of tonight's season 9 premiere at 10pm ET. Deville revealed that she and "Fire & Desire" tag team partner pitched a LGBTQ storyline to WWE officials, which will be covered on Total Divas.

The show will focus on how Deville is the first openly gay female Superstar in WWE history. Deville talked about how she's coming into her own and starting to feel comfortable with who she is.

"I'm going through this kind of evolution process in my life where I'm coming into my own and figuring out who I wanna be," Deville said. "And I'm starting to feel comfortable with who I am. I'm finding my style and it's a great feeling."

The preview then shows Deville and Rose on their way to a meeting with WWE officials, where they pitched the first-ever LGBTQ storyline.

"Mandy and I are meeting with the producers to pitch the first-ever LGBTQ storyline in the WWE," Deville said in the clip. "This is Mandy and I's moment, this is where we prove ourselves."

The clip also shows Deville talking to Natalya backstage. "I just feel responsibility, that I need to represent the gay community," Deville said.

Deville ended the clip by commenting on how she's the comeback kid. She said, "The story of my life, I'm the comeback kid. I always start as the underdog, but I'm confident that I'll prevail."

We noted back in June how there was speculation on WWE doing a possible romantic relationship storyline between Rose and Deville after a moment of apparent sexual tension between the two on SmackDown. You can see that moment in the videos below. We also noted back in July how Rose spoke with Uproxx and addressed the rumors & speculation on a potential romantic angle with Deville. Rose was asked then if she has any insights on the rumors.

"I don't have many insights to offer on that," she said at the time. "I think there's definitely rumors and stuff like that. But it's also hard to say because my character is pretty sexual and pretty sassy, the way I am. So anything I do, it doesn't really matter if it's to Sonya or to anyone else. It's just who my character is, so it's hard to judge. But I guess you're just going to have to stay tuned, right? You never know."

The interviewer then commented that "you never know" is always the answer. Rose responded, "Yeah, right? And obviously, if there was ever to be a type of relationship with us, I'm super supportive and WWE is super supportive of inclusion and the LGBTQ community, so I think it would be awesome."