Thanks to MrEddyG for Impact Wrestling TV taping spoilers (10/25) from Windsor, Ontario, Canada at St. Clair College. The will begin airing this Tuesday when Impact premieres on AXS TV:

* Sami Callihan defeated Brian Cage (c) (Impact World Championship). They started off the tapings hot with pinfalls being allowed in the cage. All kinds of near falls here: Sami at the one point did three Cactus Specials in a row, but Cage kicked out. Cage with a big F-5, but that wasn’t enough. Cage went for a Drill Claw, but Sami reversed it into a Sunset Flip for another close two-count. It ends when Cage is caught up on the tops rope and Sami gives him a Super Cactus Special for the clean win. OVE was around for the entire match at all. Post-match, Tessa Blanchard had a face-off with Callihan, he gave her the middle finger, and left the ring.

* Rosemary, Jordynne Grace, and Alexia Nicole defeated Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo), Madison Rayne, and Kiera Hogan

* Gamma Singh was out next, he criticized the crowd for booing him because of how was dressed before introducing Rohit Raju and Raj Singh who will be taking on Willie Mack and Rich Swann.

* Rich Swann and Willie Mack defeated The Desi Hit Squad

* Daga defeated Jake Crist

* El Reverso, Aiden Prince, and Idris Abraham defeated Johnny Swinger and Reno Scum

* Naomichi Marufuji defeated Josh Alexander (with Ethan Page). Great physical match, with Marafuji getting the win. He offers to shake Josh’s hand afterwards, but Page tries to stop him. Alexander extended his hand to accept, but pulled it away. He and Ethan leave as Marafuji pointed at them as a warning.

* Ace Austin defeated Eddie Edwards (Street Fight). Eddie gets-the early advantage with trash can lid strikes. Reno Scum came down to interfere, but Eddie took care of them very quickly. Ace got a hold of “Kenny” and broke it over his knee, which Eddie caused to snap. Eddie set a table up and was going to put Ace through it, but Ace loaded his wristband with metal bar, hit Eddie with it, and put Eddie through the table to win.

* Michael Elgin defeated Fallah Bahh. Another great back and forth match. Elgin eventually gets Fallah to tap out quickly to a cross face.

* Ken Shamrock arrives to a nice ovation. Ken said he was very disappointed with his performance against Moose. Shamrock was about to make a decision about his future and then Joey Ryan interrupts. Ken calls Joey a gimmick. Joey asks why Ken is afraid to touch it, is he afraid he’d tap out if he did? Ken says he wasn’t here to retire but will take anyone out who gets in his way. They agree to a match next week and go to shake hands, but Joey tries to put Ken’s hand on “it.” Ken goes to attack Joey and he retreats. They will face each other at tonight’s tapings.

* Xplosion Match: Petey Williams defeated Gurshinder Singh (with Raj Singh and Rohit Raju). Post-match, Singh attacked the referee who has no legs and has done some training at Scott D’Amore’s Can-Am Wrestling School. Williams made the save, the ref gave Singh a top rope 450 splash.

* Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo) defeated Madison Rayne. Post-match, Jordynne Grace attempted to attack Valkyrie, but she used Bravo as a shield, so Grace beat him up instead.

* Moose defeated Willie Mack. Moose manages to survive with a big spear to win. Very, very good match.

* The new Impact World Sami Callahan is down with all of OVE and they had some bottles of liquor with them on stage to begin. Sami says he didn’t like his intro and told Jake to do it, who calls him his best friend and the new Impact World Champion! Sami brags about how they’ve been partying all week across the USA. Tommy Dreamer comes down, says Sami and OVE are just bullies. Sami calls Tommy, “Mr. Fat Dreamer” and challenges him to get in the ring. Tommy proposes a four-on-four Extreme Match.

* Tommy Dreamer, Rich Swann, Daga, and Tessa Blanchard defeated OVE. Swann rolls up Sami for the win. (Extreme Match)

MrEddyG contributed to this article.