Sting spoke with Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture at this past Friday's Blue Carpet event before the WWE SmackDown on FOX premiere. Sting discussed the connection he's had with wrestling fans over the years and how he misses it. The WWE Hall of Famer also commented on working for WWE and how he never thought he'd be involved in company, like he is today.

In regards to the fans, Sting said it's the biggest thing that has kept him involved in wrestling.

"That's one of the things that kept me glued to wrestling, all the years that I was wrestling, 30 years, it was the fans, the crowd, I mean anyone who says that the roar of the crowd doesn't really matter to them is lying," Sting said. "It really matters what the crowd says, what they're feeling, what their emotions are and all that. You wanna have a storyline that is meaty, and man it's incredible, I've enjoyed and I've missed the relationship with the fans that I had all those years, good times, but you know what? I am getting a taste of it here tonight."

Sting was then asked what it was like coming to WWE and hearing from the WWE Universe. He noted the sheer amount of fans WWE has, and how working for WWE was originally something he wasn't expecting to do in his career.

"Well first of all it was amazing, it was different from anything that I ever experienced, yes I've heard all kinds of crowd reactions and all but the WWE crowds, oh my gosh, they're first of all enormous, they're very, very loyal," Sting responded. "No, I never thought that I would be under the WWE umbrella, I never thought that I would be interviewing here on the very first SmackDown on FOX. This is my first SmackDown, you know for me, but yeah I never thought any of it would happen, but it did, it came full circle all the way around, and everything's turned out fantastic."

You can check out Sting's full comments in the video above.