As seen above, the new “Appetite for APA” edition of Table For 3 will premiere on the WWE Network after tonight’s RAW goes off the air.

The thirty-minute episode will feature JBL talking with WWE Hall of Famers Ron Simmons and Teddy Long. Below is the synopsis:

“Appetite for APA: WWE Legends and longtime friends John “Bradshaw” Layfield, Ron Simmons and Teddy Long discuss their careers and favorite road stories and argue over who’s paying the bill.”

The preview clip above features Teddy and The Acolytes Protection Agency discussing the origin of Teddy’s trademark “tag team match” announcement, which is still a popular reference on social media today. Teddy revealed that he came up with the line, and put emphasis on it because of what Vince McMahon likes, playa.

“That was all me,” Teddy said of who came up with the line. “I created all that myself. Because I knew this… I put the emphasis on it because they always told me, ‘Vince wants you to… when you make something, come up with it, make it alive, be alive with it.’ So, that’s how I made it alive, ‘a Tag team match!'”

Simmons then jokingly asked Teddy where he came up with the “hokey ass” dance he did.

“That was bad,” JBL agreed.

“Brother, the Teddy Long Dance? I could’ve been on Dancing With The Stars,” Teddy joked. “They called me about my dance, they asked me to come on and train some of those guys on there, how to do the Teddy Long Dance, but the money wasn’t right.”

“There we go, back to the money,” Simmons joked and asked if the dance was called “The Gramps.”

The former SmackDown General Manager didn’t have his signature “Mac Militant” theme song to guide him, but he ended the clip by busting out with the “Bop Bop” dance as The APA laughed.