- As noted, WWE NXT Superstar Catalina Garcia debuted under a mask on this week's WWE RAW to help Sin Cara at ringside during his match with Andrade, who had Zelina Vega in his corner. WWE kept referring to her as Catalina or Carolina on RAW, but it looks like she will be using the name Carolina on the main roster. Carolina just came to WWE back in September, in the same WWE Performance Center Class as Santana Garrett and Austin Theory.

Above is video from the Andrade vs. Sin Cara match, which Andrade won, and below is video of Sarah Schreiber interviewing Vega and Andrade. Vega rants about how Carolina disrespected her, and says she wants her one way or the other, next week on RAW.

- The dark main event after Monday's WWE RAW from the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri saw WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins retain his title over "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt in a Steel Cage match. The match ran for about 5 minutes and Rollins won after delivering several Stomps to Wyatt, then climbing out of the cage door.

After the match, the lights went out and came back on to The Fiend bringing Rollins down at ringside with the Mandible Claw. The Fiend left the Mandible applied to Rollins for a minute or two, then made his exit to the back while Rollins was laid out. That was the end of the show. WWE did use the red lighting during the match.

- Monday marked 1 year since the first-ever all-women's WWE Evolution pay-per-view, which saw current RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch retain the SmackDown Women's Title over Charlotte Flair in a Last Woman Standing match.

The Man took to Twitter to taunt Flair on the one year anniversary of the match.

"#oneyearago [email protected] it's time to make peace...," Lynch wrote in the first tweet. She continued in the second tweet, "...with the fact The Man whipped your ass as usual. #YouSuck"

Flair has not responded to the tweets as of this writing. You can see Becky's full message below: