It's no secret that the WWE has been working hard to keep their company popular and up on the top tier. With their recent decision to have SmackDown move over to Friday nights, they also changed the face of pro wrestling by having their weekly show televised on the same network as some of the biggest mainstream sports events, FOX. Before the premiere, several top-named WWE Superstars joined several live sports shows ranging from NASCAR to the NFL to promote their recent move, including Roman Reigns.

Reigns, who's spent most of his life playing both college and pro football, spoke with football legends Michael Strahan, Terry Bradshaw and Tony Gonzalez about his experience playing football during the halftime show last week on Thursday Night Football. During that interview, Reigns discussed when he started playing football.

"Since I was 7-years-old," Reigns stated. "From a wee little tike all the way to college football. I was a defensive tackle for Georgia Tech. I was holding a little more weight back then."

Bradshaw asked him how much he weighed while playing for Georgia Tech. When Reigns said his heaviest was 320 pounds, all three announcers were shocked.

While on camera, Reigns didn't stray away too much from talking about the WWE, and how excited he was to be part of history with the premiere of SmackDown the very next day.

"[On what fans can expect from SmackDown moving over to Fox] It's going to be high impact action nonstop. So, what we've been doing for years" Reigns began. "It's such a great partnership and it's already paid dividends. To be able to see how much FOX has invested in us, we're going to come back and bring the same type of energy every Friday night."

Upon those who tuned in to watch Reign's interview, The Miz was moved by "The Big Dog's" appearance. The Miz told Forbes how honored he is to be a Superstar in a company where people like Reigns exist.

"I was so excited to see Roman Reigns on a halftime show," The Miz stated in his interview with Forbes. "I watched Roman on it, and I have never been more proud to be a WWE Superstar."

You can see Roman Reign's full interview on Thursday Night Football below.