The Rock Gives Props For The New NWA Powerrr Premiere

Former WWE Champion The Rock took to Twitter today to give props to Jim Cornette and everyone else responsible for the new NWA Powerrr show that premiered this week on YouTube, seen above.

The exchange began when Cornette, who is doing commentary for the show, responded to a fan question about how small the ring is.

Cornette responded, "Actually, standard size for all @nwa rings (& most Southern territories) has been 18X18 since the 1960-70's. Some spot show/small studios used 16X16. Tradition in WWF was 20X20 due to large Northeast rings dating back to boxing rings in the 1950's, some up to 24X24. #NWAPowerrr"

That's when The Rock chimed in with props for Cornette and the others behind the new NWA Powerrr show.

Rock wrote, "Congrats Jim, the boys, crew etc. Stumbled across this show last night and enjoyed it. I grew up in territories and started my career at channel 5 in Memphis so I have a lot of love/respect for small scale, crowd tv shows. Cool vintage feel. Keep working hard boys. Rock"

Cornette responded to The Rock and invited him to the next taping. Cornette wrote, "Rocky, thank you so much for taking the time to check it out! I'm sure I speak for @Lagana and @Billy in offering you two tickets ABSOLUTELY FREE to the next taping! If you have more than 2 guests I'll sneak one in the back for you!"

NWA boss Billy Corgan re-tweeted Rock's comments, but has not responded.

You can see the full exchange below: