The Rock Praises Baron Corbin And Becky Lynch, Says He's Honored To Be The Only People's Champion

The Rock took to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to comment on his return to WWE TV on last Friday's SmackDown FOX premiere in Los Angeles, for the blue brand 20th anniversary special.

SmackDown saw The Great One team up with The Man, RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch, for a segment that ended bad for King Baron Corbin.

Lynch tweeted Rock after the show and wrote, "The Man of the People and The People's Champ. If you ever need help saving the world, @TheRock, let me know."

Rock responded today and wrote, "I know where to find you, champ. #theman #peopleschamp #dna"

Rock took to Instagram and praised Corbin for the segment on Friday, which saw the 2019 King of the Ring tournament winner take a People's Elbow and Rock Bottom from Rock.

He wrote, "This Rock Bottom crash landing is gonna knock the hell outta ya, but it's just pain. Eventually, it goes away. Huge thank you to this stud @baroncorbinwwe. Thanks for the action and letting me throw around all 6'8 300lbs of you. You gotta lot of talent and potential as we discussed. Keep working hard to hone your craft, always entertain the fans and when it's time to be a bad MF'er. Be a bad MF'er.And tell @wwe props to always make sure you have more than one crown #peopleschamp #kingcorbin #smackdown #rockbottom #paneraitime"

Rock made a separate Instagram post on Lynch, noting that they had chemistry and touting their segment as the highest-rated of Friday's show.

He wrote, "The People's Champ and The Man of the People. Big shout to my dance partner and the man, herself @beckylynchwwe for takin' care of business with me and delivering Smackdown's highest rated segment of the entire show. You need me, you know how to find me. I'll do the same. Onward and see ya down the road. #chemistry"

Rock also posted on Facebook and commented on being proud of his third generation roots.

He wrote, "There's no place like home. Proud of my 3rd generation wrestling roots. Grateful for my electric, wild and goose bumpy connection with the people. And I don't goose easy. Love you my WWE universe family. My honor to forever be the one and only, People's Champion. #historymade #smackdown #fox #peopleschamp"

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