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Sonya Deville Gets A Second Chance at Love

Deville goes over to her ex's house to meet up with her on Valentine's Day. She brings over chocolates and flowers. Deville in her monologue says that she knows her and her ex should get back together. They leave to go out to dinner. At dinner, Deville is trying with all her might to win her ex back. She knows because of her schedule, it's been hectic maintaining their relationship, but she wants a second chance with her ex. She asks her ex if she'll take her back, she says yes! So now, they are officially back together

Natalya Hosts A Birthday Party for her Family

Natalya is hosting a party to celebrate her mom and late father's birthdays. The cast, as well as other WWE Superstars including Titus O'Neil, come over to celebrate. Carmella is the only one uncomfortable at this party because Nia Jax is there and last week, they had a big falling out that never got resolved. Carmella goes over and hugs Jax. Jax says that the hug felt fake.

Deville comes over and brings her girlfriend. Carmella says she is still hesitant about Sonya's ex being there, so she takes Deville into another room and talks to her about that. Additionally, Carmella tells Deville that she's been seeing someone from work for a while now, but hasn't said anything to the ladies, because she doesn't want to be judged or have her relationship ruined.

Back at the party, Naomi asks Natalya how she is holding up after the passing of her father. Naomi believes that Natalya is working too much to keep it off her mind about her father's passing.

Carmella Admits Who She is Dating

Deville comes over to Carmella's hotel room. Carmella finally admits who she's seeing. She tells Deville that she is seeing WWE commentator Corey Graves. She says that he and his wife are divorced. She doesn't want to walk away from this relationship, but she's afraid of what people might think.

Deville Gets Her Own Float for the Pride Parade

Deville announces that she is getting her own float at the Pride Parade. She gets to choose how she wants the float to look. Carmella is so proud of her!

WWE Announces the First-Ever Women's Tag Team Championships

With this new announcement, Natalya is trying to look for a tag team partner. She wants Ronda Rousey to be her partner, but her (Rousey's) storyline at the moment, is going towards the WWE RAW Women's Championship. Natalya wants to follow in her father's footsteps. Rousey says she's afraid that Natalya is putting too much on her plate. Natalya goes into the big boss's office, Vince McMahon, to pitch the idea. She comes out crying and says that he didn't like her pitch and that it's not going to happen.

Ronda Rousey Consoles Natalya

Natalya calls Rousey and says that she is upset that her pitch got rejected. Rousey tells her to not let this get to her, that storylines get changed all the time, and maybe, just maybe, he'll accept the idea down the road. Rousey says that Natalya reminds her of her mother when her father died. Rousey's mom kept herself busy and didn't take a moment to grieve. She wants Natalya to have a moment to grieve for her father.

The First-Ever Women's Elimination Chamber

Carmella pulls Deville aside backstage and says that she needs to talk to her. She pulls out her phone and shows her an Instagram post that Graves' ex-wife tagged her in about her breaking up Graves' marriage. She starts to cry and Deville comforts her. Deville tells her that she is not a "homewrecker." Carmella is afraid of how this is going to affect her job.

Carmella thinks everyone is judging her, but not Graves. She finds him and speaks to him privately. She says that this stuff is not OK. She is getting death threats. She is very mad and hurt and isn't sure what to do.

Now, the pay-per-view starts. Natalya is at home watching the event. She is upset that this is the first pay-per-view that she isn't part of. During the match, Deville gets injured. Deville heads over to the trainer's room to get checked out. The doctor says that she has a shoulder injury. He wants her to go to the PC to get some rehab training before she goes back on TV. At the moment, she is not cleared to compete.

Let the Pride Parade Begin

Deville and several of her friends start working on the float. Carmella comes by with her sister. She tells Deville that there's even more drama than the Graves situation. She says that she got a text message from Nikki Bella, saying that Jax told her about all the things that Carmella said during last week's brunch. Deville gets back to work, but is feeling the pressure to try and help her friend and make her float at the same time.

That concludes this week's episode!