As seen above, Triple H and Tyson Fury appeared on ESPN First Take earlier today to promote Fury’s match with Braun Strowman at WWE Crown Jewel on October 31 in Saudi Arabia.

Fury was asked what we can expect to see from his WWE debut and if he’s nervous.

“I’m not nervous,” Fury declared. “Like you said, I’m a showman, and you can expect fireworks.”

Fury was asked if he’s really not nervous going into the debut match with The Monster Among Men.

“Not really,” Fury answered. “I think I was born to do this. I’m a natural entertainer as you can see with the boxing. Now I’m going to the real entertainment, the best value in entertainment in sports, WWE.”

Fury also commented on wanting to be involved with WWE for his whole life as he’s always been a big fan. Fury said he’s now about to wrestle on the biggest stage of them all.

Stephen A. Smith, who later joked about possibly mixing it up in WWE, asked Triple H how he decides on a fight from an entertainment standpoint.

“Part of my job, my biggest job, is to recruit athletes, globally,” Triple H said. “So, I’m looking at athletes from all over the world, from every sport Olympics, NFL, soccer, it doesn’t matter. I’m looking for the best athletes in the world, but when they’re showmen like Tyson Fury is, it makes that job so easy and I can tell you that, from him coming down to our Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, he has taken to this like a fish in water. His footwork, his mannerisms, everything is there. The athleticism of what he does, as a combat athlete, is there, and then some. Plus, is there a better showman on the planet than Tyson Fury? He was custom made to do this. So, he’s been on the radar for us a long time as a performer. For me, the Top Rank – ESPN+ deal of the last year or so really put that back on my radar. I went to the [Vasiliy] Lomachenko [vs. José Pedraza] fight in New York, and it was about that time that he signed with Top Rank, and it really put it on my radar, like this is an opportunity for us. We had the right time come up, we reached out to him, he had some time, some down-time, and was looking forward to doing it. He was a big fan, and it just worked out perfectly. Some things happen for a reason.”

Max Kellerman talked about how usually the wrestlers are booked to be this huge monster over the smaller boxer in boxer vs. wrestler matches, and mentioned a possible moment like WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan had as Thunderlips, against Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky. Triple H said this isn’t Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show, a reference to their WrestleMania 24 match.

“Yeah, it’s a funny thing because when Fury stands straight up, he’s taller than Braun Strowman,” Triple H said. “But then again like you said, Braun Strowman is just a house of a man. You could see that Thunderlips moment where Tyson gets thrown into the third row from the ring, at Crown Jewel, but the truth is, he’s built for this as a showman. … It’s not Floyd against the Big Show. This is a guy that matches up to Braun Strowman.”

Fury was asked how he plans on beating Strowman, but he said he’s not revealing his strategy. Fury was confident that he is learning the sport, and says people will be shocked.

“How do I plan on beating Braun Strowman? Well, you’re going to have to watch on the 31st of October. I can’t reveal my strategy. Listen, I’m learning me wrestling. You’re going to be shocked,” Fury said.

Triple H backed Fury up on that promise.

“I can back that up. You’re going to be shocked,” Triple H added.