WWE Chairman Vince McMahon reportedly sent out an internal e-mail today to thank everyone for the success of Friday's SmackDown FOX premiere.

Vince's email noted that the top-rated segment for Friday's FOX premiere was the opener with The Rock, King Baron Corbin and RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch, according to PWInsider. Vince noted that the segment brought in 4 million viewers.

The congratulatory message also touted how SmackDown doubled the #2 show of the night in all key demographics. Vince also thanked everyone in the company for their help in achieving Friday's success for the blue brand premiere on FOX.

As noted, Friday's two-hour SmackDown FOX premiere drew 3.869 million viewers, up from the 2.099 million viewers that the final SmackDown USA Network episode drew the previous Tuesday night. You can read our full, updated report on the SmackDown viewership by clicking here, including the Kickoff pre-show numbers.

Friday's SmackDown episode, which also served as the 20th Anniversary special for the blue brand, opened with Vince and Stephanie McMahon coming out to his "No Chance" music. Stephanie welcomed fans to history, and welcomed them to FOX, before Vince welcomed everyone to Friday Night SmackDown. They then led the show to the new SmackDown opening video package, which features AC/DC's "Are You Ready" single. Vince is said to be a big fan of AC/DC. Above is video of the full opening segment with the McMahons, along with the new intro video and Michael Cole welcoming everyone to a new era.