Welcome to Wrestling Inc's recap of WOW (Women of Wrestling). Tonight's episode takes place from the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles California, and aired on AXS TV. Enjoy the show, and sound off in the comments.

Recap of WOW's season two premiere, when Hazard interfered to spoil the triple-threat number one contender's match involving Havok, Jungle Grrrl, and The Beast. This led to Beast and Jungle Grrrl teaming up to battle the duo, picking up a victory on last week's episode. However Jungle Grrrl later attacked the Beast, as both women have Tessa Blanchard's world title in their eyes.

David McLane welcomes us to another edition of WOW with his signature in-ring intro. Jungle Grrrl make her way to the ring to address her actions from last week. "For 18 years I've been the queen of this ring. While other wrestling companies have had their girls wrestling in jello matches, what was I doing? I was jumping off 25-foot ladders." Jungle Grrrl goes on to claim that she helped elevate women's wrestling before taking shots at the live crowd for thinking they understand the business. "I think I've proven myself time-and-time again. So Beast...if you're so big and strong...prove it."

The Beast appears. She spears Jungle Grrrl and lays into her with a ground and pound! Several referees separate them. McLane announces that the two will face off in tonight's main event as we go to our first commercial of the evening.

Shaul Guerrero is in the ring to announce our first contest of the evening. Fury is out first, along with the rest of the Psycho Sisters. She'll be facing Fire.

Fury versus Fire

Headlock from Fury to start. Fire uses a headscissor to escape. Fury bounces off the ropes...shoulder block. She shows off her athleticism with an impressive roll-up pin but Fire kicks out. Pace picks up...nice sequence of chain wrestling leads to a stalemate. Fire takes control with a dropkick. Running corner elbow from Fire, followed by a hip-thrust and a face-wash kick. Cover...Fury kicks out. Fire climbs the ropes...one of the Psycho Sisters pull out her foot while the referee's back is turned. Fury takes advantage...big chops. She smashes Fire's head off the turnbuckle. Snap-suplex for a nearfall. Fury misses a roundhouse but nails Fire with a thrust knee. She applies a headlock and slows the action down. Crowd rallying Fire back into the match...she comes off the ropes...Fury catches her with a backbreaker.

Fire hits another dropkick and both women are down. She builds momentum...forearm smash. A second. Snapmare and superkick from Fire. Cover...Fury stays alive. She goes for a fisherman suplex but Fury cradles her. Two count. Sky-high spinebuster by Fury...Fire shows fight by powering out of the pin attempt. Fury picks Fire up in a firemans carry...Fire shifts her weight to escape...buzzsaw kick! Fury kicks out again. Fire to the top...Fury chops her down and climbs for a superplex...she got it. Fury is hurt as well and can't make the cover. "This is awesome" chants. Back and forth striking...Fury with a backfist...Fire goes for the Fisherman suplex again...she hits it! It's over!

Fire wins by pinfall

As soon as the match is over the Psycho Sisters assault Fire. Adrenaline runs the Psycho Sisters off and checks on Fire. Highlights of the match are shown. McLane interviews Fire and Adrenaline. They announce that they're entering the tag team tournament to crown the first WOW tag champions. Crowd goes nuts.

Elsewhere, a Siren the "Voodoo Doll" and Holidead vignette is played. They call out Princess Aussie, promising that soon she'll see the way and join their team. "Ashes to ashes...dust to dust." We see Princess Aussie's signature staff's burning before falling to the sand. We go to another commercial.

Our next matchup includes Siren, who is accompanied to the ring by Holidead, taking on Chantilly Chella. Chella goes to the commentary table and tells the microphone that she refuses to face Siren alone, and brings Sassy Massy out to stand by her side.

Siren versus Chantilly Chella

Chella ducks a grapple attempt by Siren. Arm-drag and dropkick send Siren into the corner. Chella charges...Siren dumps her to the apron. Big elbow rocks Siren but Holidead pulls Chella to the outside with the referee's back turned. Siren takes advantage, sending Chella across the ring with a butterfly suplex. Cannonball from Siren. She bounces Chella off the ropes...Chella hits a flying crossbody for a nearfall. Siren immediately retakes control by choking Chella on the ropes. Chella goes for a sunset roll-up...Siren is too strong and turns the maneuver into a wheelbarrow facebuster. Surfboard submission by Siren...she transitions into a face-stomp. Siren climbs...vader bomb misses. Chella starts stringing together strikes...leg sweep drops Siren. Running meteora with pin...Siren kicks out.

Chella connects with a running corner knee. She climbs...missile dropkick. Cover...Siren sneaks a shoulder out. Chella can't believe it. She goes for a cutter...Siren blocks it...northern lights suplex from Siren. Chella fires back with a roundhouse...cutter! Temporary distraction by Holidead...Sassy Massy and Holidead get into an argument. Back in the ring...Siren hits the Voodoo Driver for the victory.

Siren wins by pinfall

Afterwards, Siren and Holidead stand tall in the ring, asking who will be next?

A video shows off the relationship between Lana Star and Beverly Hills Babe. The footage includes Star's betrayal of Santana Garrett back in the pre-AXS TV days of WOW. This sets up our upcoming tag match.

Lana Star is out first. She introduces her partner and new protege, the Lioness. They'll be facing the recently formed duo of Jessie Jones, and Star's old protege, Amber O'Neal.

Lana Star/Lioness versus Amber O'Neal/Jessie Jones tag team tournament

Jones and Lioness begin. Tie-up. Lioness headlocks Jones down to the mat. Jones instantly transitions into a headscissor. Back to their feet...O'Neal tags in. She runs into a dropkick from Lioness. O'Neal responds with an eye-rake, then goes after the arm. Jones back in...arm-ringer. She throws Lioness off the ropes and O'Neal pulls her down from her hair. Lioness tries to tag out but Star refuses to come into the match, yelling that the Lioness "has this." Jones and O'Neal continue to soften Lioness up with tandem offense. Big running collision from Jones. She goes for her finishing arm-bar...Star runs in to break it up. Roll-up by Lioness...two count. Star still hasn't entered the match. Jones pushes Lioness into Star...referee calls it a tag. Jones yanks Star into the ring and applies the armbar. She taps.

Amber O'Neal/Jessie Jones win by submission and advance in the tag team tournament

Post match, Jones berates Lioness and Star for going to the dance studio and not the wrestling ring. She declares that her and O'Neal will be the new WOW tag team champions. "I don't care what you call us...together...we're going to make tag team wrestling great again."

Announced for next week: The Dixie Darlins versus Havok and Hazard. We go to our final commercial of the evening.

A video package hyping the rivalry between The Beast and Jungle Grrrl is played.

Main event time. Both women are in the ring. Introductions are finished. Here we go.

Jungle Grrrl versus The Beast

Spear from the Beast to start. She bounces Jungel Grrrl off the ropes...hip toss. Jungle Grrrl slides to the outside to recover. She pulls the Beast to the outside and slams her head off the apron. Back inside...Jungle Grrrl connects with a big chop. Snap powerslam for two. Jungle Grrrl works the Beast over in the corner but the Beast shakes the offense off and hits a lariat. Back and forth striking...Jungle Grrrl fires back with a boot to the gut. She goes for a suplex...the Beast blocks it...Jungle Grrrl gets to the middle-ropes....missile dropkick. Cover...another two count. Elbows from Jungle Grrrl...the Beast responds with a suplex. Huge clubbing forearm. The Beast goes for another spear...she misses and collides against the ring post. Jungle Grrrl whips her arm around the post several times, then targets the shoulder by ringing it over the ropes. Belly-to-belly by Jungle Grrrl.

Jungle Grrrl continues to aim at the Beast's shoulder. Ground and pound...the Beast throws her off but Jungle Grrrl spears her right back down. Jungle Driver lands. She climbs to the top...the Beast chokeslams her off! She goes for another spear...she hits the referee! German suplex from Jungle Grrrl! She has the match won, but no referee can make the count. Tessa Blanchard appears with her briefcase filled with money. She smashes it off of Jungle Grrrl's head. She looks at the Beast. "You're welcome."

David McLane tells us that we're out of time.

Match ends in a no contest

That's the show friends.