Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s recap of WOW (Women of Wrestling). Tonight’s episode takes place from the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles California, and aired on AXS TV. Enjoy the show, and sound off in the comments.

Previously on WOW, The Beast ran through another competitor on her path towards dethroning world champion Tessa Blanchard. Jungle Grrrl would attack the Beast with a steel chair after, while Blanchard watched on. Voice-over asks, “Will the The Beast get her revenge?”

To the ring, David McLane gives the show his signature welcome. The Beast is out for a promo. “Jungle Grrrl doesn’t want none of the Beast. She can’t handle the Beast.” McLane then announces that a number one contender’s match between The Beast and Jungle Grrrl will be taking place in tonight’s main event. To ensure that there is a winner, Tessa Blanchard will be barred from ringside.

Vignette highlighting Havok. She says that ever since she was young, her job was to hurt whoever was standing across from her. Along with her new partner Hazard, the Monsters of Madness look to become the first WOW tag team champions. They call out the Bully Busters (Stephy Slays and Keta Rush), promising to completely destroy them both. This match is next.

Shaul Guerrero introduces the Monsters of Madness to the ring first. The Bully Busters are second.

Monsters of Madness versus Bully Busters

Hazard and Slays begin. Tie-up. Hazard forces Slays to the corner. Flying crossbody from Slays, followed by a series of arm-drags. Rush tags in. Double-clothesline from the Bully Busters. Hazard powers out and brings in Havok. Rush drops Havok with kicks to the gut. Slays comes in for the double-team but Havok clotheslines them both. She isolates Slays, trapping her team’s corner. She and Hazard lay into the much smaller Slays with stiff shots. Hazard snapmares Slays to the mat. Suplex. Cover…Slays kicks out. Tandem corner attacks by the Monsters of Madness. Havok distracts the referee giving Hazard the opportunity for an illegal choke. Crowd tries to rally Slays back into the match…Havok shuts the crowd up by slamming Slays hard to the mat. Slays hits a jawbreaker…she makes the tag to Rush. Rush comes in hot. Dropkick to Hazard. Two more sends Havok to the outside. Hazard from behind…Rush connects with a headscissor. Slays suicide dives onto Havok, but Hazard catches Rush with a backpack stunner. It’s over.

Monsters of Madness win by pinfall

Havok and Hazard celebrate while Slays and Rush recover on the outside.


Back from break, Serpentine makes her way to the ring accompanied by the world’s greatest attorney, Sophia Lopez. She’ll be battling Reyna Reyes.

Reyna Reyes versus Serpentine

Quick school-boy pin from Serpentine to start. Reyes kicks out and applies a wristlock. Nice sequence of ground wrestling…Serpentine goes for a half-crab but Reyes picks the ankle and gains positioning. Chinlock reversed by Serpentine…Reyes transitions into a headscissor choke. She goes for an armbar…Serpentine headstands into a pin…two count. Both women stare each other down and reset. Big chop from Serpentine. Reyes responds with one of her one. Pace picks up…springboard arm-drag. Serpentine to the apron…another athletic arm-drag for a nearfall. Reyes retakes control with a series of high-risk arm-drags of her own. Leg-drop across Serpentine’s throat. Serpentine fires back by dumping Reyes to the apron, then hitting a running dropkick to send Reyes to the outside. She wraps Reyes’ leg around the ringpost. Back in the ring, Serpentine targets the leg and ties Reyes up in a modified sharpshooter. More damage is done when Serpentine bends the leg over the bottom rope. Reyes tries to get to her feet but Serpentine ties her up in the ropes and kicks the inner-thigh.

Reyes finally builds up some momentum and unloads a flurry of strikes onto Serpentine. Backhand fist nearly wins the match. Springboard stunner from Reyes! Cover…another two count. Serpentine responds with a meteora into the corner, followed by a cannonball. Basement dropkick. Reyes won’t quit. She goes for a superkick…it’s blocked…Reyes fires another one that connects. Spinning kick. Sophia Lopez distracts Reyes giving Serpentine the chance to spike her with an Emerald Flowsion. That’ll do it.

Serpentine wins by pinfall

Backstage, Lana Star approaches Sophia Lopez. She asks how her clients are able to receive all these title shots. “You scratch my back…I scratch yours,” says Lopez. They leave together.

Promo from Holidead and Siren. They say that they’re through playing games with the Psycho Sisters, and later tonight, they’ll put a beating on them.

Psycho Sisters get their own promo. They say they’re not afraid of Siren’s tarot cards and mind games. Razor speaks: “We can’t wait to see you try your little tricks on our playing field. We beat people up. Let’s see what you got, because every man, woman, and child know that the WOW tag team titles belong to the Psycho Sisters.”

Back to the arena…Shaul introduces Siren and Holidead for this tag team tournament matchup. The Psycho Sisters are out next, with Fury and Razor competing.

Siren/Holidead versus Psycho Sisters Tag Team Tournament

All four women begin in the ring. They go to shake hands when a brawl ensues. Quadruple headbutt rocks everyone. Razor and Siren are the legal competitors. Snapmare, running crossbody, and senton in succession from Razor. Fury comes in…double-elbow smash by the Psycho Sisters. Assisted wheelbarrow splash. Fury locks in an STF. Holidead comes in breaks the submission. She gets tagged in and lays into Fury with knees to the gut. Rude awakening from Holidead. She traps Fury in the corner…running lariat. Holidea picks Fury up…sidewalk slam. Mezmeriah distracts Holidead…Fury takes advantage with a thrust knee. Cover…two count. Bicycle kick. The Psycho Sisters keep the pressure on…Holidead tries to get to Siren but gets trapped in the opposing team’s corner. Razor plants Holidead’s face into the mat. Sleeper hold in…Holidead powers up and smashes Razor into the turnbuckles. Siren gets tagged in…tandem offense from Siren and Holidead. Pump-handle slam for two. Siren with a camel-clutch submission.

Both teams in the ring again. All attempt a dropkick. Crowd is loving this. Siren sets up for a Northern Lights Suplex but Razor counters into a Russian-leg sweep. Downward spiral. Princess Aussie runs out and attacks Mezmeriah. This distracts Razor, Siren hits the Michinoku Driver for the victory.

Siren/Holidead win by pinfall to advance in the tournament

Post match, Siren commends the Psycho Sisters, but states that they have “nothing” compared to the dark-side.

A video hyping tonight’s main event showdown between The Beast and Jungle Grrrl is played. McLane refers to them both as two of the most dominant figures in pro-wrestling. McLane adds his touch: “The battle of the giants is about to begin.”

Main event time. Jungle Grrrl is out first. The Beast is next. Here we go.

The Beast versus Jungle Grrrl number one contenders match

Shoving match to start. Beast wins the exchange sending Jungle Grrrl to the mat. They both pose for the crowd. Jungle Grrrl calls for a test of strength, but kicks Beast in the gut. She smashes Beasts’ head off the turnbuckle. Beast shakes it off and lands some strikes of her own. Flying crossbody from Jungle Grrrl…Beast catches her and slams her into the mat for a two count. Jungle Grrrl comes back with a huge lariat, then applies a sleeper-hold. Beast powers out and pushes Jungle Grrrl into the turnbuckles. Jungle Grrl, who ended up on the middle-rope, hits a missile dropkick. Suplex attempt…Beast reverses. Back and forth chopping…headbutt from Jungle Grrrl. Suplex-slam. Jungle Grrrl climbs to the top…Lana Star and the Lioness pull her down! The referee has no choice but to call for the bell.

Jungle Grrrl wins by disqualification

The Beast powerslams Lana Star. She is absolutely livid. Elsewhere, Tessa Blanchard can be seen laughing, clearly orchestrating the DQ to happen so she didn’t have to face the Beast. Jungle Grrrl calls out Blanchard, claiming that she will be taking her title back.

That’s the show friends.